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Subject: [humanmarkup] Base Schema - thought

Here we go again.

Base Schema - thought

This is a Complex Type element with the abstract attribute. It takes 
the attribute group humlIdentifierAtts. It does not reference other 
elements and is not used by other elements.

It is defined/desccribed as Human Thought A set of human thought types.

There is no doubt that this element is needed. However, unlike 
Personality, where we have an established set of typing systems to 
which we can, (thanks be), defer, here we don't and I am rather 
reluctant to stick my toe into these waters to see what the 
temperature is at the moment.

If conscious is difficult to nail down to tangible concepts, or 
concepts grounded in tangibility or common sense, thought is more so. 
If there is anything in human consciousness more ephemeral, please 
don't tell me about it.

I'm sorry, but as we near the end of this task, I can't help but set 
the stage for the Secondary Base Schema, where thought types will 
need to be enumerated. So, for those of you who will shortly be 
tasked with building our model of human perception/congnition from 
the elements of the combined Base Schemata, I suggest strongly that 
you give some serious consideration to what constitutes a thought, a 
thought type and how you want to use it as the atom of which human 
thought systems will be built. This is a way of saying, it probably 
aint gonna be me. I'm switching over the Human Physical 
Characteristics Description and focusing most all of my other efforts 
on systematizing emotional expressions and kinesic gestures.

That doesn't mean I won't contribute my opinions, but about the most 
I can do in that regard will be to massage the classes/properties to 
reflect the now-codified base, and the enlargements as they come 
along, and the biggest of those, which I hope to cheer y'all on 
toward, is perception/cognition.

Beware, There Be Dragons....

(Of course, if you check my website, you'll know I happen to love 
Dragons. However, they are fearsome powerful...)

Rex Brooks
Starbourne Communications Design
1361-A Addison, Berkeley, CA 94702 *510-849-2309
http://www.starbourne.com * rexb@starbourne.com

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