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Subject: [humanmarkup] PBS-Doc-kinesic

Title: PBS-Doc-kinesic
T I guess no one had much to say on this, and there sure isn't much to do on it, except some wording changes for consistency and changing it to humlCommAtts.

Subject: [humanmarkup-comment] Base Schema - kinesic

             From: Rex Brooks <rexb@starbourne.com>
             To: humanmarkup-comment@lists.oasis-open.org, humanmarkup@lists.oasis-open.org
             Date: Fri, 06 Sep 2002 11:03:17 -0700

      Steppin Lively Now....

      kinesic is a ComplexType element with the characteristic of being
      abstract and belongs the attribute set humlIdentifierAtts.

      It is described as Human Movements. It is also described as a
      vocabulary of body language used to protray moods and emotions and
      tom emphasize or contradict what is being said (expressed verbally in
      vocalized language--my own addition). An example is an interview.
      This element is also given a content of sequence as a default.

      I think we may want to add a bit of clarification to what we mean by
      vocabulary. I think what we mean is a set of specific movements we
      can call gestures, and which need to be further described by a
      lexicon of gestures, such as shoulderShrug, headNod, headShake,
      handShake, etc. However, I think this lexicon needs to be in the
      Secondary Base Schema and is perhaps the best example yet for why we
      need this division before we get to the application-area schemata.



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