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Subject: [humanmarkup] Primary Base Schema-first draft

Title: Primary Base Schema-first draft
Hi Everyone,

Well I misspoke myself, or in this case, miswrote myself. Because it generated 79 separate little graphic images, it was not feasible to attachment the html, so I put it on the website, although you can only access it with the url below. It doesn't show well in Netscape 4.7, but other browsers seem to work. In any event my plan to follow the styles Len had it in did not work out. Nor did my plan to put it into OASIS format or into my own. I'm just burned out for now. The good thing about the html version is that it arranges all the categories into columns at the start, which are also links to the individual items, so it gives you a quick overview that wasn't available before.

However, I also lost the file of changes I was logging as I made them.

However, I will try to remember them now. I'm sure I will miss some. I included many of them in the PBS-Doc-elements/atts/etc yesterday. Sorry, but overload happens.

Several of the changes I made were in text descriptions of documentation/annotation. I also changed some relatively inconsequential notations of Sections, changing some names and rearranging which items were included. The most significant were the addition of a Semiosis Section and Individual Human and Identity Section which now has human, humlNameElements, address and personality and which I intend to group under the huml element which is the root element XMLSPY requires, but which is a good idea for us since it is the namespace prefix. I added Myers-Briggs and Enneagram as types in personality.

You know about the new elements, belief and intent, which are in the Internal Human States Section with emotion and thought.

You also know about the two new attributeGroups, humlCommAtts and humlTemporalAtts

There are a number of considerations that have only occurred to me about our effort in general, and in regard to schema design in particular while I was wrestling with the task of writing the first working draft of a TC candidate specification.

Mostly it is the obvious concern that it is very difficult to design a schema for this language when the only fairly sure way to see the inner structure of the language is by going through this process. So, the shape it looks now as if it will likely take as it becomes operational is quite a vbit different that the structure I thought it would take a year ago when I was working on the classes and properties table. Of course, even now it is by no means perfectly clear.

What I will do is to do a completely separate iteration of the schema from scratch, using the features of XMLSPY which make it possible to build in the structure that is emerging oh so slowly from this collection of elements and attributes.

I am now going to take a few hours' break. I suggest we proofread it over the weekend, maybe a couple of times rather than assaulting me with corrections one at a time. How about we set Sunday for the day we can start sending in corrections. That is different from changes, btw. Those need to be separate, and thought about separately. If we can get something we can vote on by Tuesday evening, I will ask Sandy Wednesday morning for a quick teleconference to do that, and we can still make our announcement Nov. 1.

But don't expect me to hold my breath. ;)


Rex Brooks
Starbourne Communications Design
1361-A Addison, Berkeley, CA 94702 *510-849-2309
http://www.starbourne.com * rexb@starbourne.com

Attachment: huml-primary-base-1.0.xsd
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