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Subject: [huml] HM.DipCom: Dipl. Comm. Subcommittee Mission Statement: draft

Title: HM.DipCom: Dipl. Comm. Subcommittee Mission Statement: draft

Here is a draft outline for the Diplomatic Communications Subcommittee.  Please provide feedback.  I am hoping we establish this subcommittee either the next, or the following, TC meeting.  This should coincide with the first meeting of the e-Gov Technical Committee, of which I have joined as member.  If there is anyone with government affiliation who has the resources to formally liaison with the e-Gov TC, do be in touch.

The purpose of the Diplomatic Communications Subcommittee within HumanMarkup is to explore the use of markup within Information Technology with the purpose of aiding in both the accuracy and success of diplomatic communication and international conflict resolution efforts.  This subcommittee will be carrying out the following duties:

-Establish relationships between essential governmental agencies directly involved in the processes of diplomatic communications.

-Establish relationships with parties promoting tools, technologies, and initiatives which currently and potentially aid in the process of conflict resolution.

-Explore the codification of preexisting and new frameworks, based on XML, for representing within elements and attributes the various facets and processes involved in diplomatic communications.

-Plan and develop application frameworks which use HumanML-Dipcom

-Create an interface layer of diplomatic communications codelists with the HumanML Primary Base Schema 1.0, as well as subsequent and alternate HumanML schema modules as they develop.

-Research interfaces with XML initiatives that might be considered related to supplemental to HumanML and HumanML-DipCom.

Initially, the DipCom Subcommittee will meet as an adjunct to the HumanMarkup TC meetings, currently held 17:00 GMT on the 3rd Wednesday's of each month.  As appropriate, and as the agenda determines, this subcommittee will branch off into a separate meeting to discuss specific issues specific to the Subcommittee.

Ranjeeth Kumar Thunga

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