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Subject: [huml] Request for a motion on PC-33 -Section 4.4.6-race

Hi Ranjeeth,

I am copying the TC lists with this request with the proviso, or 
caveat, that it is intended for you alone, but was not appropriate as 
a private communication on so important an issue. So, the public and 
lurkers on the TC lists should not consider this an invitation for a 
discussion on TC policy. I have asked twice, informally for a motion 
to call a vote on this issue. This issue itself is fairly simple, but 
the reasons for retaining or deleting it are not. I would then set 
the period for continued discussion at the remainder of this week, 
and ask for voting TC committee members to begin voting Sunday, with 
the vote being final by next Wednesday, December 11, one day before 
the end of the public comment period. Otherwise, it will have to be 
decided during our next meeting, which, during the holidays is likely 
to lack a quorum again. I submit that allowing this issue to hold us 
up would the extend, in all likelihood, until the January Meeting.

Could you perhaps post a formal motion to remove the term race from 
the attributeGroup of Section 4.4.6 physicalDescriptors? I think we 
need to call a vote on it on the TC mailing list. As the chair for 
this deliverable, I don't think it would be appropriate for me to do 
that. As far as a reapplicable rationale is concerned, I think you 
could state that as :

"The reapplicable rationale for such a motion and vote is: a vote on 
a motion should be called for when the motion will decide a specific 
issue with an element, attribute or member of a complexType, 
attributeGroup or other principle component of a Human Markup 
Language Specification raised during the public comment period by a 
member of the public other than members of the TC who have already 
voted on the specification, or participants in the TC who regularly 
attend meetings or work with the TC by invitation.

Further, the rationale for this action is that the issue must also 
initiate a significant amount of discussion and contention, which is 
a subjective judgment, but which is intended to prevent the 
intentional obstruction and/or indefinite delay of the work through 
the introduction of trivial issues. As such, the judgment on whether 
to call for a motion on an issue is the prerogative of the chair for 
that work, e.g., a subcommittee chair would decide for the 
subcommittee specification and the vice chair heading this effort 
decides for this deliverable, the PBS."

Chairs who refuse to make such a decision when it is clearly called 
for will certainly face being removed from that position. That, I 
suspect, would act as a sufficient deterrent for chairs indulging in 
obstruction themselves.

I think we could then vote on this and put it to rest. I expect that 
we will decide to retire the term race from this specification.

Rex Brooks
Starbourne Communications Design
1361-A Addison, Berkeley, CA 94702 *510-849-2309
http://www.starbourne.com * rexb@starbourne.com

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