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Subject: Re: [huml] Use Case Images

Thanks, James,

Sorry to hear about the travails.

Sylvia is coping with various complications from adding Mandrake 
Linux to her notebook traveling computer, which makes email somewhat 
iffy for her at the moment. However, I expect that she will iron out 
the wrinkles soon.

This all seems to fit together well. I will see what I can do for 
coming up with a small program that uses the emotions from the 
Primary Base Schema, though that will probably take at least a week, 
if not a bit more. I will also attend to Bibliographic References, 
and notes for the future, too.


At 7:08 PM -0600 2/10/03, James.Landrum wrote:
>Dear all,  (and Sylvia, please CC ,e directly on any comments- I do not seem
>to be receiving your comments, and only get Rex;s reposts of the input fromn
>you. )
>Thanks Rex for your submission of avi files, jpeg files, and text intor (Word
>doc).  Been a very bust few days here, on top of severe flu-like symptoms,
>below zero weather that busted water main (no water since Saturday!), and
>submission of abstract to another conference.  All that as sad excuse for not
>doing as I said I would do:  1) send out an outline... and 2) proivide initial
>feedback from Franco Niccolucci (not yet available).
>So, per Rex's input (and Sylvia's comments) and the with the presentation
>outline in mind:
>Here is an annotated outline:
>I. Title:  Human Markup Language (HumanML): Humananess Content and
>SharingAcross Perspective Shifts.
>II. Authors  (So far it is James E. Landrum III, Sylvia Candelaria De Ram,
>Rex Brooks, Ranjeeth Kumar Thunga, and Rob Nixon- no one else indicated
>interest- and WE are MORE THAN WILLING  to accept biosketches and
>contributions from additional HumanML TC and Invited Experts as late as Friday
>of this week (February 15)- and seriously folks, we would like to include your
>contributions in this paper/presentation.
>III. Abstract:
>Human Markup Language, a set of standard HumanML tags, are designed for
>indicating "humanness" -- meaningfulness originating in your point of view and
>interpreted in the perspective of your fellow in communicating. Gaps in
>perspectives are to be expected in globalized communication; resolving them
>fast is of supreme importance. HumanML, or "Human Markup Language",  is a
>developing standard tagset for XML envelopes and RDF logic. The endeavor is
>one among the OASIS projects. To quote the Technical Committee's Charter,
>"HumanML is designed to represent human characteristics through XML. The aim
>is to enhance the fidelity of human communication."
>As meta-labels for communicators' content and perspective, HuML tags address
>both the personal and contextual aspects of communications. They may range
>from Community, Culture, Intent, and Emotion to descriptors of person/group
>and circumstance.
>HumanML tags are carried along with the signal itself as it crosses the bridge
>between you and your fellow. The goals are better  interpretation and more
>accurate messaging -- even if the fellowship involves a computer or two.
>Computer applications, say for virtual face-to-face communication, may pick up
>HumanML terms expanded to suit different domains: For instance, primary terms
>in the base schema such as Intent, Kinesic, and GeoLocator can be variously
>expanded in applications that handle communications of diplomacy, dance,
>design, or education.
>Similarly, Community and Semiosis may be detailed for local or specialized
>genres and sign-systems. Standard XML expansion mechanisms are available for
>derivation and  expansion as HumanML primary terms are built upon to yield
>secondary terms for different practical tasks. Use Cases illustrate.
>IV. Keywords:
>Extensible Markup language (XML) Human Markup Language (HumanML), Cultural
>Salience, Communication, Visualization, Mapping Gestures and Emotion, Motion
>Capture, Animation, Virtual Reality (ADD others or DELETE as appropriate)
>V. Paper Content:
>A. Introduction: Definition of HumanML;  Purpose Scopes and Goals  (To be
>pulled from Rex's Intorduction and elesewhere as appropriate),
>B.  Background, History, Origin (all the stuff Rex provided in his
>Introduction goes here), include member's and their contributions, timeline
>(good for at least 1 powerpoint slide, or more);  deliverables, products to
>date (e.g., Primary Base Schema).  Where we are now, short reference to what's
>C.  Use Case Examples::
>     1.  Rex's Use case: Musculoskeletal facial emotion markup (demonstration
>of the faceskeleton.avi)  NEEDED:  example of HumanML  code to tie this
>     2. Rob's motion captureand HumanML translation to kinesic gbody esture and
>movement generation Use Case (demonstration of lianslip.avi) NEEDED:  example
>of HumanML  code to tie this together.
>     3.  Sylvia's Use Case??????
>     4. Native Dancer Use Case:  Rob and I need to chat (telephone) on this-
>will need to include Aaron Bergstrom (and possibly Christina Johnson also) to
>get at least 1 motion segment of the powwow dancer mapped with HumanML???? or
>at least a decent set of powerpoint slides demonstrating conceptual framework.
>     5   DANA Use Case (tentative; this is relevant to CIDOC-CRM framework,
>with regard for relationships of Cultural Heritage Resources, Anthropology,
>AnthML, Archaeology, etc.)
>     6.  Ranjeeth's Use Case?????
>     7.  Ranjeeth's conversion and mapping of CIDOC-CRM to XML and HumanML as a
>grand finale of sorts:  This should be received by target audience as an
>impressive contribution!
>D.  Future: What's Next: Further Development of HumanML and Applications.
>    Rex's Chat Client, etc., etc.,
>E. Summary/Conclusion
>VI. Notes (if any)
>VII. Bibliography.  Send me any and all references for your sections and I'll
>compile this section, and fit the citations in the text to the refenences.
>VIII Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights Information.
>Since this will be posted on the CIDOC-CRM Symposium web site, the final task
>will be conversion to HTML, with graphics inserted at appropriate locations..
>Am not sure of format, but will contact Martin Doerr on this matter and get
>back to you.
>Rex Brooks wrote:
>>  Hi Everyone,
>>  Here are the Use Case images in jpeg form for the presentation. I
>>  will assemble the powerpoint slides from a more developed
>>  script/abstract when available.
>>  Ciao,
>>  Rex
>>  --
>>  Rex Brooks
>>  Starbourne Communications Design
>>  1361-A Addison, Berkeley, CA 94702 *510-849-2309
>>  http://www.starbourne.com * rexb@starbourne.com
>>    ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>>                             Name: SS-CPS-Use-Case1.jpg
>>     SS-CPS-Use-Case1.jpg    Type: JPEG Image (image/jpeg)
>>                         Encoding: BASE64
>>                             Name: SS-CPS-Use-Case2.jpg
>>     SS-CPS-Use-Case2.jpg    Type: JPEG Image (image/jpeg)
>>                         Encoding: BASE64
>>                             Name: SS-CPS-Use-Case3.jpg
>>     SS-CPS-Use-Case3.jpg    Type: JPEG Image (image/jpeg)
>>                         Encoding: BASE64
>>                             Name: SS-CPS-Use-Case4.jpg
>>     SS-CPS-Use-Case4.jpg    Type: JPEG Image (image/jpeg)
>>                         Encoding: BASE64
>From the desk of James [Jim] E. Landrum III
>NDSU Archaeology Materials and Technologies Laboratories
>URL = http://atl.ndsu.edu
>Digital Archive Network for Anthropology (DANA).
>DANA URL = http://atl.ndsu.edu/archive
>Email: <James.Landrum@ndsu.nodak.edu>
>Phone: 701-231-8059
>FAX: 701-231-1047
>Voice Mail: 701-231-4228

Rex Brooks
Starbourne Communications Design
1361-A Addison, Berkeley, CA 94702 *510-849-2309
http://www.starbourne.com * rexb@starbourne.com

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