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Subject: [huml] DSL downtime

Hi Folks,

I'm sorry to inform you that I will be out of contqact for an indefinite period
of time until my DSL connection gets fixed. That is the connection on which
I use my G4 Mac for 2d graphics/email/bookkeeping to stay away from the regular
Windows hack attacks, viruses and worms. A lot depends on when I get hold of
a competent troubleshooter, which in this era of tight budgets bodes ill for
soon. As usual, I knew more about my DSL ISP's system, and its deficiencies
than the level 1 support person, so we exhausted the settings, connections,
power cycles and circuit activities (pinging) checks.So it is now in the realm
of systems engineers, who are usually busy handling system-level stuff rather
than individual trouble tickets.

I owe some of you replies and updates, but I have to defer for now. Using one
of my other systems will, in the long run, really mess up my limited ability
to keep work projects and systems discrete and trackable across platforms and
operating systems. So while I can use one of them to send out this message,
unless a project has a dealbreaking bottleneck only I can handle, or an emergency
that needs coordinating, I will probably not send any messages until my DSL-Mac
system is restored. My Windows 2000 is busy with 3d work for the chat, which
simply won't abide Norton Anti-Virus and System Utilities, nor firewalls nor
internet connections, while my Windows XP, which I'm using with my web hosting
http control facilities program, is wrapped up in various TC projects, is a
laptop whose settings regularly get changed and so presents a hazard of losing
information when I switch to mobile configurations.

All in all, it sucks pretty much, and, of course, if worse comes to worst, I
will readjust and get back in touch in a new configuration altogether.

In the meantime, I'm gonna work on reducing polygon counts and custom-fitting
texture maps.

Hope you are all having more fun and better consistency from your systems than
I am.



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