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Subject: [huml] This month's minutes

Hi Everyone,

I'm back sort of. I ended up getting very tired of waiting for some 
tech support, broke down and reinstalled Mac OS X.1 which has me back 
online with DSL. I won't go into the details, but suffice it to say 
that this is not the final solution, but that remains for later.

I ended up using the hiatus to get to work on the 3D human models for 
the chat app and other apps, then ended up deciding to basically 
start over at a point before I did the animation of the facial 
skeleton in order to have the male and female generic models as 
identical as possible, and therefore as easily customized or 
personalized. Since these will the head and shooulders for the chat 
app, it was necessary in any event, but doing only that portion did 
not make sense. I am down to the last few phases before I can start 
in on the poloygon/vertex reduction which is the last stage before 

However, doing this requires too much concentration to distract 
myself with the minutes, for which I apologize. It will, however, be 
at least one if not a few more days until I can tear myself away to 
catch up on my duties. The reason I say that it may be more than one 
more day is that I have two TC teleconferences tomorrow, so I will 
not be able to get back up to speed with the work until the afternoon 
which is decidedly not my best time.

Rest assured, I will get to it. And soon.

Rex Brooks
Starbourne Communications Design
1361-A Addison, Berkeley, CA 94702 *510-849-2309
http://www.starbourne.com * rexb@starbourne.com

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