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Subject: Re: You're in!

Title: Re: You're in!
Thanks for the consideration, Owen,

I'm forwarding this to our OASIS TC list, as well. This should add some motivation. We will discuss it on Wednesday, and I will have an answer for your about what, and how much value we think we can add to this disussion and presentation by the end of the week.

We have three or more very highly qualified individuals who can weigh in, especially with regard to the work that has been done by the International Council of Museums on its Conceptual Reference Model, (CIDOC CRM) at whose Symposium in Washington D.C. this last March, we made a presentation) harmonizing a very large vocabulary of terms. This vocabulary is described on their webpage as, "The CIDOC Conceptual Reference Model (CRM) provides definitions and a formal structure for describing the implicit and explicit concepts and relationships used in cultural heritage documentation."


This is in addition to our newest member's interest in building a "Mediation" Subcommittee. This convergenace of interests ought to spark both a contribution to our upcoming presentation to the Collaboration Expedition Workshop Dec. 9, to which we will supply a reference url, and to pending papers and reports on which we are working.


At 8:44 PM -0500 11/16/03, Owen_Ambur@fws.gov wrote:
FYI -- Frank has been trying to work me into the agenda for the KM
conference to address the expertise-related elements of Stage 2 of the ET

I initially declined to take an hour slot myself because I thought it more
important for Lee and Tom, respectively, to have the opportunity to discuss
the "collaborative environment" associated with the Consolidated Component
Repository and the DHS Vendor Database.  However, I look forward to having
the opportunity to make remarks complementing and extending their
presentations, as well as John's, with respect to the ET process.

Betty and Ken, if you have suggestions in that regard and/or if you'd like
to join me in making this presentation, just let me know.

Rex, if you and your HumanML colleagues have value to add with respect to
the elements specifying "peers" (as in "peer reviews"), please let me know
and I will be happy to consider referencing your work in my presentation at
this conference.

Lee, Tom, and John, if you'd like to collaborate on our respective
presentations, I'll be glad to do so.  However, since I'm on a full-time
assignment to DOI until December 12, I won't have much time (evenings and
weekends) to devote to preparations for this event.


----- Forwarded by Owen Ambur/ARL/R9/FWS/DOI on 11/16/2003 08:29 PM -----
                      "Frank Hazzard"                                                               
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                                               Subject: You're in!                                  
                      11/13/2003 12:51                                                              

             I thank you for your patience with me.  We will have space in
agenda on the second day of KM (December 16, 2003) for you.  I don't know
how long your slot will be or when exactly it will occur, but I will let
know this information as soon as possible.  In the meantime, if you need
anything or have questions, feel free to contact Stephanie Caplan on
301-596-0770 x231.  Thank you!

-Frank Hazzard
Director of Programs
Government Emerging Technology Alliance
(a division of NSBC, Inc.)
6440 Dobbin Road
Suite E
Columbia, MD 21045
301-596-0770 (office)
800-333-6722 (toll free)
301-596-4619 (fax)
Visit www.federalevents.com for information on our programs!

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