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Subject: Identity in the Cloud Gaps and EU standards

Dear all, 

I read the Identity in the Cloud Gap Analysis with interest. 

What to me is missing in the list of standards are relevant EU/EEA standards
that are gaining importance with existing and upcoming regulation. This as
in particular public authorities might file those as a requirement.  

These are: 
[1] XAdES for signature part (tier 2 standard) ETSI TS 101 903 [2] STORK
specifications (tier 3) D5.8.3b Interface Specification, 2010 [3] STORK 2.0
(tier 4) on representation/delegation

On [1]  XAdES is profiling XMLDSIG that has been mentioned. It is inter alia
relevant under the EU Services Directive. In particular in the "Format
Decision" 2011/130/EU which e.g. also gets used in the revision of the
eProcurement Directive and might get a role related to the upcoming eID and
Trust Services Regulation.   

So if a EU/EEA public authority deploys related services to the Cloud, it is
a requirement. 

This is relevant for Use Case 13; to some extent to Use Case 9. 

Similarly on [2], STORK is  using and extending SAML 2.0. It is used by the
18 piloting Member States and will as well have a role related to the
upcoming eID and Trust Services Regulation. 

I.e. it is will also be a requirement on the EU/EEA federation related to it

It is relevant to Use Cases 12, 16, and 21. To some extent to UC 6. 

Finally, as UC 26 addresses "on behalf" authentication: That is exactly what
STORK 2.0 [3] is working on as federating mandates and representation
between the participating states. Though it is work in progress.  

Kind regards,

Herbert Leitold
A-SIT, Secure Information Technology Center - Austria
Inffeldgasse 16a, A-8010 Graz, Austria
Tel.: +43 316 873-5521
Fax: +43 316 873-105521

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