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Subject: Minutes of TC Meeting on 23 April 2010 [Draft]

Hi all,
    this is just the draft of the minutes of the first TC meeting held 
today.  Please take a look at the summary and chat transcript.  I will 
gather the final roll and post it soon.

* Thanks to Mary McRae for the administrative support going in to the 
1st TC meeting.
* Thanks to Dee Schur for the member support in outreach and successful 
participation by new Oasis members.
* Thanks to Abbie Barbir for being the convenor until the chair(s) were 
elected and for the patience in taking the roll. :)
* Thanks to Peter Brown for the excellent chat room for TC use. 

1) Mary McRae made some introductions about Oasis, memberships and who 
should be on the TC meeting.
2) Roll Call was taken by Abbie Barbir, verified by Mary McRae. (Roll 
will be provided soon)
3) Call for nominations for Chair(s).
- Abbie nominated Anil Saldhana (Red Hat) and Tony Nadalin (Microsoft) 
who accepted it personally and seconded by TC members.
4) Anil Saldhana (Red Hat) and Tony Nadalim (Microsoft) elected as 
co-chairs by unanimous consent.
5) Mary went through legal stuff associated with Oasis. Described 
everything in reasonable detail she sent out as important links by email 
6) The chairs were invited to lead the meeting. Anil stepped forward to 
lead the meeting with no objections from Tony (calling in from Malaysia 
at 2am).
7) Anil summarized the charter 
(http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/id-cloud/charter.php) as "use 
cases", "gaps" and "profiles".
8) Discussion on holding regular TC meetings:
- Biweekly meetings schedule (instead of weekly meetings) was voted with 
unanimous consent.
- Next TC meeting is set for May 7th at 1pm EDT.
- The schedule (time and day of week) is going to be decided by a 
general poll(s) sent to the TC list.
9) Abbie Barbir gave a brief introduction of the possibility of holding 
a face to face meeting at the ITU-T workshop in June.
10) Anil mentioned that we will discuss the possibilities of holding a 
face to face meeting as an agenda item for the next meeting.
11) Election of Secretaries for the TC.
- Abbie Barbir, John Bradley and Richard Sand were nominated, seconded 
and approved with unanimous consent to be the secretaries of the TC.
12) Specification Editors
- Tom Bishop (Conformity) and Heather Hinton (IBM) nominated themselves 
to be the specification editors with no objections from the TC members.
- Other editors will be added in future.
13) Dee Schur, Oasis Staff who also functions as the program manager of 
the Oasis IDTrust Member Section gave an introduction to the member 
section and steering committee.  This TC is part of the Oasis IDTrust 
member section.
14) Meeting adjourned with no objections.

Procedures for each TC meeting:
1) Secretary takes the roll call.
2) A volunteer is used to be the minute taker (the minutes do not have 
to be very detailed. The key events of the TC meeting have to be noted. 
Summaries of discussions sometime suffice).
3) After each meeting, the minute taker posts the minutes to the tc list 
for comment and feedback/corrections.
4) At the next meeting, as an agenda item, the previous meeting(s) 
minutes are approved via vote.

Chat Room Transcript:-
Kelvin morphed into Kelvin Lawrence

anonymous1 morphed into Kyle Austin

anonymous morphed into Bob Cope

anonymous2 morphed into David Kern

Mary McRae: Hi Kyle, I don't see you listed on the TC roster ...

AnilSaldhana_RedHat: Hi all, I suggest adding your affiliation at the 
end of your name such that people know.

David Kern morphed into David Kern (IBM)

Mary McRae morphed into Mary McRae, OASIS

anonymous morphed into Jeff Broberg (CA)

Kyle Austin morphed into Kyle Austin (TriCipher)

Kyle Austin (TriCipher): sorry, i'm late in that i just got OASIS 
paperwork resolved

Mary McRae, OASIS: ok. thanks!
Kelvin Lawrence: Dialing in now

Kelvin Lawrence: Paste it into the info section

anonymous morphed into Stavros Isaiadis (Fujitsu)

Kelvin Lawrence morphed into Kelvin Lawrence (IBM)

anonymous morphed into Matt Rutkowski

Matt Rutkowski morphed into Matt Rutkowski (IBM)

Kelvin Lawrence (IBM): On now

Matt Rutkowski (IBM): On call

John Borras morphed into John Borras (Individual)

anonymous morphed into Steve Wierenga (HP) observer

John Borras (Individual) morphed into John Borras (Individual) Observer

anonymous morphed into Tom Bishop (Conformity)

anonymous morphed into Micah Willbrand

anonymous1 morphed into Diego Crupnicoff (Mellanox)

Micah Willbrand morphed into Micah Willbrand (Serasa Experian)

anonymous5 morphed into John Bradley

anonymous morphed into Dale Olds

anonymous3 morphed into Peter Davis

Bob Cope morphed into Bob Cope (Homeland Security Consultants)

anonymous6 morphed into Thomas Hardjono (MIT)

anonymous7 morphed into Richard Sand

Dale Olds morphed into Dale Olds (Novell)

anonymous2 morphed into Darren Platt

anonymous4 morphed into Dan Turissini

AnilSaldhana_RedHat: Hi all, I suggest adding your affiliation at the 
end of your name such that people know.  (settings)

Peter F Brown morphed into Peter F Brown (Individual)

Richard Sand: Hello chat, I'll type minutes here

anonymous8 morphed into Dee

Peter Davis morphed into [Neustar] Peter Davis

Peter F Brown (Individual): Can everyone not speaking please mute their 

Richard Sand morphed into Richard Sand, Skyworth TTG

anonymous2 morphed into Frank Wray

Frank Wray morphed into Frank Wray (PwC)

Richard Sand, Skyworth TTG morphed into Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG)

anonymous morphed into Mare Lucas (GCE)

Dee: hi Dale

Darren Platt morphed into Darren Platt (Symplified)

anonymous2 morphed into Tim Christin

Dale Olds (Novell): Hi Dee!

[Neustar] Peter Davis: abbie, i am attending, but cannot speak at the moment

anonymous1 morphed into Michael Stiefel

Dan Turissini morphed into Dan Turissini (WidePoint)

Tim Christin morphed into Tim Christin (Acxiom)

anonymous1 morphed into Siddharth Bajaj (VeriSign)

Frank Wray (PwC) morphed into Frank Wray (PwC) observer

anonymous morphed into Bill Becker (SafeNet)

Dee: Dale is here

Peter F Brown (Individual): I don't know whether you could heear me - I 
am present

AnilSaldhana_RedHat: peter: think abbie got u

anonymous morphed into jad (John Dilley)

[Neustar] Peter Davis: good thanks

AnilSaldhana_RedHat: peter brown was noted.

AnilSaldhana_RedHat: peter davis, hi, not u I guess.

Peter F Brown (Individual): @Anil: thx

jad (John Dilley) morphed into John Dilley (Akamai)

anonymous morphed into Heather Hinton (IBM)

AnilSaldhana_RedHat: heather hinton: hi.

Micah Willbrand (Serasa Experian): I think you missed me during the roll 
call.  Micah Willbrand Serasa SA

Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG)1 morphed into Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG)

Dee morphed into Real Dale Olds

Kelvin Lawrence (IBM): @Abbie could you paste the roll call summary here 
please? - hard to follow who is on - thanks

Dale Olds (Novell): Oh that's funny

Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): Mary proposed to allow all 26 members on 
the call to be considered a voting member

AnilSaldhana_RedHat: @kelvin, the roster is the most challenging phase 
of the tc initiation.

Real Dale Olds morphed into Bandit

Kelvin Lawrence (IBM): Anil - I chair two other TC's - I know!

Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): Sorry who is speaking now?

Kelvin Lawrence (IBM): Abbie

Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): Abbie - proposes we have 2 TC chairs

Kelvin Lawrence (IBM): before that was Mary McRae from OASIS

Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): Anil accepts nomination

Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): Tony accepts nomination

Tom Bishop (Conformity): Richard, can you try to abut Affiliation to 
names when they're being entered into "notes?"  So, for example, you 
would type "Anil/RedHat accepts nomination."  Thanks!

Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): ok

Kelvin Lawrence (IBM): Tony Nadalin is from Microsoft , Richard

Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): thank you

anonymous morphed into Ricardo Koji Ushizaki

Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): Tony Nadalin from Microsoft accepts nomination

Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): Any objects to Anil and Tony?

Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): Tony and Anil are accepted as chairs

Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): Anil has taken over leading this meeting

Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): Anil Saldhana from Redhat

Bandit: Hi Dale

Kelvin Lawrence (IBM): Congrats to the new chairs - as an OASIS Chair 
myself I appreciate your time

Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): Mary McRae from OASIS: please everyone be 
familiar with scope and charter

Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): Mary McRae from OASIS: your OASIS 
memebership approves the IPR model: RF unlimited terms is used for this 

Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): Section 8 - disclosure obligations

Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): Section 9 - types of disclosures

Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): Section 10 - description of RF Unlimited terms

http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/tc_home.php?wg_abbrev=id-cloud  (TC 
Home Page)

Ricardo Koji Ushizaki morphed into Ricardo Koji Ushizaki (Serasa Experian)

anonymous morphed into Mark Robinton (HID Global)

Mary McRae, OASIS: Charter - most important section is 'scope' - defines 
what the TC can and cannot do.

IPR Policy - by your being on this roster, you and you company have 
agreed to the terms of the IPR Policy and the specific mode of this TC 
(RF on Limited Terms). Section 8 describes your disclosure obligations. 
Section 9 types of obligations (contribution and participation). Section 
10.2.3 defines RF on Limited Terms.

TC Process
- successfully completed TC formation
- now it's your job to begin work on your deliverables
- TC process defines the various approval stages and the requirements 
for each; save detail as you get closer to each milestone

- in general:

we are a very lightweight organization in terms of both policies and 
staff; we do not provide secretariat services. TC members are 
responsible for meeting minutes, agendas, specification editing, and the 
like. That said, we are here to support you in any way we can - member 
outreach, public relations, speaking opportunities, demonstrations and 
interops, and certainly to help you navigate our policies and processes.

all work must be done on OASIS servers. your TC group includes the 
roster, document repository, email, calendar, action items, and 
electronic ballots.

only members can participate (observers are read-only/listen-only)

meetings must be scheduled in advance and must be quorate (greater than 
50% of voting members in attendance) in order to conduct business

attend two consecutive meetings: gain voting rights; miss two 
consecutive meetings: lose voting rights.

minutes must be posted and include attendee list and all decisions

discussions happen on tc email list: observers are automatically 
subscribed as read-only; members can post. all emails are publicly 
archived. public comment list to be used by observers, OASIS members who 
are not members of the TC, or who are not OASIS members.

If you are on the call but are not listed on the TC roster but your 
company is an OASIS member, you must join the TC in order to 
participate. Sign in with your OASIS login/password, and click the 'join 
group' button. If you have any problems, please send me an email and 
I'll be happy to help.

Peter F Brown (Individual): And Tony was also awarded as an "OASIS 
Distinguished Contributor" at our AGM earlier this week

Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): Anil - Charter has 3 areas: 1) use cases, 
2) gap, 3)profile

Anthony Nadalin: Anil, I'm in Malaysia and on skype and I cant really 
hear very well and you all can't seem to hear me

Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): Anil - gap analysis - as noted in the 
charter, we don't intend to reinvent the wheel

Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): Anil - 3rd step - generate profiles based 
on use cases & gaps

abbie: need to go on a different call

abbie: congratulation to anil and tony

Anthony Nadalin: OK, Hve fun

Mary McRae, OASIS: thanks abbie

Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): Anil - this is a good opportunity for all 
to contribute requirements

Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): Anil - there are out-of-scope items for 
this committee

Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): Anil - access control, levels of assurance. 
we are not going to create any apis or new formats

Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): (anil please feel free to correct my 
paraphrasing if its not accurate)

Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): John - proposes mapping between use cases 
and profiles

Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): (John can you type your full name & company 

Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): Anil - anything outside the charter needs 
to be a new TC

Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): Anil - next item, scheduling TC meeting calls

Anthony Nadalin: Its 2AM

Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): Anthony what company are you with?

Anthony Nadalin: Microsoft

Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): ty

anonymous morphed into Zakir Magdum

Zakir Magdum morphed into Zakir Magdum(MIT Lincoln Lab)

Anthony Nadalin: Bi weekly

Thomas Hardjono (MIT): Bi-weekly please.

Darren Platt (Symplified): bi-weekly

Anthony Nadalin: how about a poll on the time and day

Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): Tom Bishop (Confirmity) seconds the motion 
for bi-weekly meetings

Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): No objections, TC meetings will be bi-weekly

Thomas Hardjono (MIT): Suggest we put up a ballot with 2 choices of 

Anthony Nadalin: not friday

Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): Anil - latter in the week?

Anthony Nadalin: Agree Heather, set up a poll on Kavi

Anthony Nadalin: or dootle pole

Matt Rutkowski (IBM): agree with heather's suggestion

Tom Bishop (Conformity): Yes, Mary, I've done this before as well, and 
the two-time model is what has worked best...

Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): Heather - proposes sending out a 
spreadsheet with potential times

Anthony Nadalin: Do a dootle pole Anil

Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): I dont see heather on the chat window 
members - what is her full name & company?

Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): Anil - this should be your favorite TC [laughs]

Anthony Nadalin: Heather Hinton (IBM)

Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG):

Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): Mary - on this call we must come up with a 
schedule for at least next meeting

Tom Bishop (Conformity): I move we schedule our next meeting same 
day/time (Friday), and then meantime poll for a better alternative...

Tom Bishop (Conformity): Someone just said this...

David Kern (IBM): Seconded

Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): Tony proposed the same

Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): Friday, May 7, 1pm

Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): any objections?

Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): Tom Bishop seconds

Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): approved. next meeting will be May 7 at 1pm

Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): (who is speaking now?)

anonymous morphed into Heather Hinton

Anthony Nadalin: Tony was speaking

Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): Tony proposed setting up a poll for times 
and days for subsequent meetings

Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): Tony proposed using "Dootle"

Mary McRae, OASIS: doodle I think

Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): sorry that does make a bit more sense

Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): ok so doodle is seconded and approved

Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): Anil - for next meeting we will discuss a 
face-to-face meeting

Anthony Nadalin: Bogota 6 times a year, John Bradley will host

Anthony Nadalin: Last time I checked

Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): Mary - recommends members join Identity and 
Trusted Infrastructure members section

Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): (idtrust)

Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): Anil - next topic - nomination of secretary 
and specification editors

Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): Tom Bishop volunteers for spec editing

Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): Tom Bishop/Conformity

Anthony Nadalin: Thanks Tom

Anthony Nadalin: Thanks John

Anthony Nadalin: I second John

Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): I can also server as secretary

Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): John Bradley, Richard Sand, Abbie are 
committee secretaries

Thomas Hardjono (MIT): Congrats and thanks to John, Richard & Abbie.

Real Heather Hinton: I submit myself for spec editor

Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): Heather Hinton/IBM is approved as spec editor

Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): Anil - proposes we adjourn this meeting

Thomas Hardjono (MIT): Bye all.

Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): thank you all

AnilSaldhana_RedHat: thanks to everyone for the call. Richard, you can 
send the minutes to the tc list.


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