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Subject: Wiki and SVN available for use by IDCloud TC

Hi TC members,
   Mary and the Oasis IT staff have graciously provided us a new wiki 
for IDCloud at the Oasis wiki:

Additionally Subversion repository is: 

=== Note from Mary McRae on SVN=========
  The SVN implementation is tied to Kavi authentication meaning if you 
use your Kavi login/password you
should be able to write; the world should be able to see all files/download


  This storage does not replace either the Kavi document repository or the
OASIS Library at docs.oasis-open.org; it is meant to be used for tracking
working documents or code development. The policy for its use follows and is
posted on the tools.oasis-open.org page.

Please make good use of these resources for the TC work.

Anil & Tony

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