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Subject: Oasis IDCloud TC Meeting Minutes - May 17, 2010

[14:01] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Could we please add the link to this chat
room to the referenced call-in information page (i.e

[14:01] Kelvin L. (IBM): Matt, I was going to ask the same.

[14:02] AnilSaldhana_RedHat: Matt: I planned to do that.

[14:02] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Thanks

[14:03] Heather Hinton morphed into Heather Hinton (IBM)
[14:04] anonymous morphed into John Dilley (Akamai)
[14:05] anonymous1 morphed into Stavros Isaiadis (Fujitsu)
[14:05] anonymous morphed into Tadao
[14:05] Tadao morphed into Tadao - Serasa Experian
[14:09] Tadao - Serasa Experian morphed into Gustavo Tadao - Serasa

[14:15] Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): Dee (OASIS) - going to delay press
release for about 2 days
[14:16] Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): item 4 - Member submission of use
cases & requirements
[14:16] Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): received submissions from Redhat
and MIT/Kerberos consortium

[14:18] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Have we decided upon an approved
workplace/repository to post use cases (along with the categories you

[14:19] Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): No deadline yet on submissions, but
please ASAP

[14:19] Peter morphed into Peter F Brown (Individual)

[14:21] Peter F Brown (Individual): I'm not able to connect to the call
today, but I'll try to follow as much as possible

[14:21] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Have we decided upon an approved
workplace/repository to post use cases? Also, what is the progress on

[14:22] Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): next topic - definitions glossary
[14:27] Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): next topic - liasons with other
working groups, consortiums, organizations etc.
[14:28] Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): there is a wiki page for this topc
[14:28] Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): topic
[14:28] Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): each liason must be voted in

[14:29] Peter F Brown (Individual): Although early days, there should be
a liaison with the "Privacy Management Reference Model" (PMRM), whose
work will continue in a new OASIS TC shortly
[14:30] Peter F Brown (Individual): I'd be happy to keep an eye on this
and add what info is needed on the Wiki

[14:31] Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): David(IBM): question - are there
liasons with xauth or oauth yet?
[14:32] Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): (did i get the speaker wrong?)
[14:34] Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): Discussion - form a panel on IDM
[14:34] Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): Dee(OASIS): event at worldbank in
[14:35] Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): Dee(OASIS): supported by IDTrust
member section
[14:35] Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): Dee(OASIS): also anyone on TC can
get discounts at cloud conference in California in 2010
[14:36] Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): Dee(OASIS): want to do a webinar
[14:38] Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): cloud id summit organized by Ping
[14:38] Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): in Colorado, week of july 22

[14:39] Kelvin L. (IBM): 4 weeks is fine
[14:40] Kelvin L. (IBM): No point having calls unless we have a meaty

[14:45] Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): next meeting either may 24 or june
14. we'll do an online poll
[14:45] Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): meeting adjourned

Richard Sand | CEO
Skyworth TTG Holdings, Ltd.
239 Kings Highway East | Haddonfield | New Jersey 08033 | USA
Mobile: +1 267 984 3651 | Office: +1 856 795 1722 | Fax: +1 856 795 1733

-----Original Message-----
From: Anil Saldhana [mailto:Anil.Saldhana@redhat.com] 
Sent: Monday, May 17, 2010 1:48 PM
To: id-cloud
Subject: [id-cloud] Re: Oasis IDCloud TC Meeting May 17, 2010

> --------------
> Call In Information:
> (US & Canada): (800) 451-8679
> Code: 7085240756
> Global Access Numbers Toll free:
> United Kingdom Dial-In #: 08006948057
> United States Dial-In #: 8004518679
> New Zealand Dial-In #: 0800888167
> More: http://wiki.oasis-open.org/id-cloud/MeetingCallInInformation
IRC Room:
http://webconf.soaphub.org/conf/room/OASIS-ID-Cloud  (<= Please join

> 1. Roll Call
> 2. Approve May 7th 2010 Minutes.
> http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/id-cloud/201005/msg00024.html
> 3. Press Release for Oasis IDCloud TC.
> 4. Member Submissions of use cases and requirements.
> 5. Definitions/Glossary for IDCloud.
> 6. Liaisons with other TCs, Standards bodies, WGs, Alliances etc.
     7. Oasis Identity Management Conference 2010 - September.
> 8.  Other Business.
> 9. Adjourn 

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