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id-cloud message

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Subject: Architecture for ID-Cloud

>> soaphub
>> Colin Wallis1: Brian..alternatives to Directory synchronisation 
>> sounds like an architectural approach discussion to me,,

I'd like to voice agreement with Colin and perhaps start 
a thread on the need for an ID-cloud architecture.
I know we need to complete the use-cases document first, 
but I think we're getting the picture that many of the
use-cases share common problem-points.
And a common general architecture is now needed.

Perhaps we could start by a simple architecture in which
three entities exist:
(a) Identity Provider, 
(b) Service Provider and 
(c) Enterprise,

and all share the same basic capabilities:
 (i) authentication endpoint,
(ii) SAML endpoint, 
(iii) Provisioning end-point,
(iv) Identity-directory synchronization end-point.

(PS. Some people may see the end-points as APIs).


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