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Subject: RE: [id-cloud] Architecture for ID-Cloud

Tom Bishop <tbishop@conformity-inc.com> wrote on 08/10/2010 03:42:47 PM:

> I assumed the question of architecture was one of timing/priority, not whether
> it was in-scope or out-of-scope.  If mistaken, happy to take
> guidance.  That said,
> not trying to stimulate an architecture discussion if the group isn't
> willing to do so.
> I assumed the several comments offered during the call yesterday implied there
> are several in the group that are.  Again, happy to take guidance ifmistaken.
> Tom

It is my belief that going down the path of defining an architecture is an activity that clearly goes beyond the intention of this TC's charter of in-scope items. Today, many standards bodies devote much time developing standard architectures at all descriptive levels (especially security) which are then formalized against various modeling techniques using different levels of abstraction. Architectures are indeed treated as their own standards and we should avoid the compulsion to assume we need to define one in order to fulfill our charter's mission.  This is why the charter listed several "out-of-scope" items in an attempt to avoid such a slippery slope and keep this TC focused on (as closely as possible) the use cases themselves in order to identify standards/standards' profiles' "gaps".

The value of this TC is in identifying cloud uses cases around Identity Mgmt., and describe/suggest how existing standards for ID formats, protocols, and profiles can be used to enable these use cases.  Then where we find that exiting standards fall short, call out those failures, document them and provide that documentation as output (in a timely manner) that can be used by other TCs, WGs, or even other SDOs as input/feedback where they can work more appropriately to address them.  

I suggest we work in earnest against our mandate by submitting and compiling Cloud ID use cases, form them into a cohesive structured document, then we can discuss and document existing standards (and profiles/profile subsets) appropriate to each use case and then lastly identify any standards gaps and produce findings.  This set of documentation will be the invaluable output of this TC and what IMO was intended from the chartering members.


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