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Subject: Minutes from ID-Cloud TC Telecon 9 Aug 2010 (draft)


Here are the minutes from the ID-Cloud TC this week.
Apologies if I missed some discussion threads.



Oasis ID-Cloud TC Meeting Minutes (9 August 2010)

[Notation:  Q = question; A = answer; C = comment]

(1) Roll Call and Agenda Review 

2) Request Minute Taker
- Thomas Hardjono minute taker.

3) Approval of July 26th TC Meeting Minutes 

- Motion to accept the minutes:  Gershon Janssen.
- Second:  Jerry Smith.
- No objections. Motion passes.

4) SAP Submission of use case


- The group went through the slide presentation by Martin Raepple
  + From the last slide: Challenges

    o How will Company A enable SSO (steps 1, 4 and 10)
      between its identity provider and the services in the
      public cloud?

    o How does the Supplier Online Shop know about
      Company A's employee/manager permissions when
      placing or approving an order (steps 3 and 5)?

    o How is the controller's identity in the Supplier Online
      Shop propagated when requesting data through
      RESTful APIs from the on-premise CRM system (step 9)
      and uploading/analyzing the data (step 10) in the
      on-demand BI system?

- C: Brian Marshall: commented that this is very good use-case.

- Q: Anil: Do you need to perform directory synchronization 
     in this use-case.

  A: Martin: Depends on the requirements.
     + Anil:  suggest it would be good if this SAP use-case 
       could be tied into the Just-In-Time (JIT) use-case from 
       Patrick/Ping a couple of weeks ago.

- C: Martin:  
  + There is a connection between on-premise and on-demand systems.
  + There is a lack of standards to propagate SSO/Identity 
    across these systems.

- Q: Thomas: challenge #1 (in last slide) is classic SSO.
     Why not use SAML SSO profile?

  A: Martin: Yes, we could do that but we still need 
     Identity to be recognized cross-organization.

  C: Anil: SSO is common in many/all of our use-cases.

- Q: Anil: Anil had a question about APIs
  + Last time, Patrick/Ping agreed to champion this 
    topic (i.e APIs) on the mail-list.

  A: Martin: Here API is used in general terms.
     - The SP is assumed to be in the cloud.
     - Today it has no specific (standard) APIs
     - The question is how to do SSO and Identity Mapping
       using RESTful APIs.

  C: Anil: noted that Anil recently saw a financial 
     institution providing RESTful APIs for credit-card services.

- Use-cases document: collect all the use-cases in one document.
  o Matt/IBM asked if there was a Template.
  o Anil will email Oasis-admin to see if Oasis has preferred
  o Matt and Thomas signed-up to be editor.
  o Desirable to have this use-case draft doc completed prior
    to the F2F in September in DC

- C: Colin Wallis suggested we need to have an 
  architecture approach to clarify our discussions.
     o Colin asked if we should work on such an architecture
     o The architecture will have direct impact on our solution(s).

  A: Anil: the ID-cloud Charter states that the 
     deliverables are uses-cases, profiles, and gap-identification.
     o We can work further on this at the F2F in September.

5) IDCloud F2F at Washington DC (September 29th) 

- Q: Brian: We should have an proposed agenda for the F2F meeting.
     o Summarize (summary of) all our use-cases.
     o Understand the common problems.
     o For example, in the case of Directory Synchronization 
       we still need to hash thing out.

  A: Anil: asks Brian to champion this item (Directory 
     Synchronization) on the mailing-list.

- C: Matt: noted that there still is some "anti-provisioning"
     o Matt suggests we look closely at the SPML TC work in Oasis.

  C:  Richard/Skyworth: There was a very recent email 
      from Mary/Oasis about reconvening the SPML TC.  
      o Many aspects of SPML may be suitable for the needs 
        of the cloud environment. 

  C: Matt: agrees, and noted that we may borrow some of the 
     use-cases from the SPML TC work.

  C: Richard: some items/issues (eg. dir synchronization) is 
     not addressed by SPML TC.

- Anil: We still need a more detailed use-case relating 
  to directory synchronization

  C: Richard: promises to submit a use-case on directory 

  A: Anil: Another person (?) in ID-cloud TC has also expressed 
     interest in provisioning.

- Anil: will post more info about the F2F meeting and bridge number.

6) Continuation of discussions on Audit, API and JIT User 
Account Management. (Optional Discussion) 

7) Other Business.

8) Adjourn
   Motion to adjourn: Tom Bishop/Conformity.
   Seconded: Gershon Janssen.

soaphub dump:

anonymous morphed into David Kern (IBM)
AnilSaldhana_RedHat1 morphed into AnilSaldhana_RedHat
anonymous morphed into Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG)
anonymous morphed into Martin Raepple
anonymous1 morphed into Travis Yoes (Symplified)
anonymous11 morphed into Michael Stiefel
Colin Wallis1: Colin from NZ is here..
AnilSaldhana_RedHat: Hi Colin.  It must be 6am for you?
Colin Wallis1: yes..
John Bradley1: Benny Koren (Mellanox)  I got you for the roll
AnilSaldhana_RedHat: John, I hope you got Travis
Thomas Hardjono (MIT): Minutes: Motion by Gershon Janssen. Seconded by
Jerry Smith. No objection. Motion passes.
Travis Yoes (Symplified): Hi John, I dropped from the call during roll
call but I am here
John Bradley: I have Travis.
John Bradley: The current attendance list Andy Kindred        Acxiom
Group Member
Jeffrey Broberg     CA*       Group Member
Tom Bishop          Conformity          Group Member
Robert Cope         Homeland Security Consultants Group Member
David Kern          IBM       Group Member
Matthew Rutkowski   IBM       Group Member
John Bradley        Individual          Group Member
Gershon Janssen     Individual          Group Member
Michael Stiefel*    Individual          Group Member
Thomas Hardjono     M.I.T.    Group Member
Benny Koren         Mellanox Technologies         Group Member
Anthony Nadalin     Microsoft Corporation         Group Member
Colin Wallis        New Zealand Government        Group Member
Anil Saldhana       Red Hat   Group Member
Bill Becker         SafeNet, Inc.       Group Member
Martin Raepple      SAP AG*   Group Member
Richard Sand        Skyworth TTG Holdings Limited Group Member
Travis Yoes         Symplified          Group Member
Kyle Austin         TriCipher, Inc.     Group Member
Jerry Smith         US Department of Defense (DoD)*         Group
Brian Marshall      Vanguard Integrity Professionals        Group
Daniel Turissini    WidePoint Corporation         Group Member
Colin Wallis1: Would you propagate Identies? Perhaps instead use an
agreed authoritative source?
Colin Wallis1: Brian..alternatives to Directory synchronisation sounds
like an architectural approach discussion to me,,




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