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Subject: Re: [id-cloud] August 23 2010 meeting notes.doc

August 23 2010

1.Roll Call:   We have a Voting member Quorum.
2.In chat room at start:
  Andy Kindred (Acxiom)
  Bill Becker (SafeNet)
  Brian Marshall (Vanguard)
  Dale Moberg
  Dale Olds (Novell)
  Darren Platt
  David Kern (IBM)
  John Bradley
  Mark Robinton (HID)
  Matt Rutkowski (IBM)
  Palani Sakthi(IBM)1
  Ricardo Koji Ushizaki (Serasa Experian)
  Siddharth Bajaj (VeriSign/Symantec)
  Tom Bishop (Conformity)
  Tom Clifford
  Travis Yoes

3.Note taker
4.Approve Minutes – August 9th meeting minutes approved.  Move Tom 
Bishop, Second by Jerry
5.Discuss Use-Case Document.  IBM Matt Rutkowski.  Dicuss Version I of 
use case document.
a.Started with current OASIS Template
b.Brought in all referenced terms and definitions.
c.Brought in all use cases in raw form as submitted (Red Hat and others)
d.Defined some things
e.Has set of comments in columns
f.Discussion around categories and individual categories
i.Deference to OASIS terms and definitions.
ii.ITU-T definitions not available
iii.For reference OASIS needs external reference??? Anil says we should 
include as much as we can in our document.  Any Legal Issues?  Must be 
resolved before our document goes public.
1.Check with Mary
2.Matt says must be a public version available
iv.Section 2 of Draft: Infrastructure Trust Establishment
1.Establish Root Trust
v.Infrastructure Identity Management (IM)
vi.Federated Identity Management (FIM)
1.Multiple domains  Anil
2.We could create Federation as a Topic and add things under it (subset 
of Section 2) that meet description under it.
3.Use cases may bear our use case gaps and patterns that exhibit 
federation patterns.  Matt
4.Discussion on whether federation is a category or a subcategory.
5.All agree Federation to be categorized separately from SSO.
6.Pull out section 2.3 (Federated Identity Management)
vii.Single Sign-On (SSO)
1.Single Domain.  Anil
2.Federation can apply to all of these categories (not sure who said this)
viii.Account and Attribute Management
1.Someone can add a use case.  This is a heading and can encompass 
either or both.
2.SAML use cases define different attributes
3.we can rechristen this whatever we want
4.This has been encapsulated under Identity Management – Pat?
5.Address self provisioning and account management - matt
6.high level term is Identity Management
7.We need to go a step lower – all of section 2 could be identity 
management.  This is a labeling problem
8.Identity management within a single cloud and specialization for 
management at a finer grain control level then a service provider is 
accustomed to.  We are trying to get separation from infrastructure 
identity management.  Someone said Add User then
9.Matt said this is why he added JIT account Provisioning.
10.table this for now.  User Management maybe?
ix.Security Tokens
1.Can you give me a use case where it would not be in SSO?
2.Separate from SSO in patterns and interactions between tokens or User 
Interactions across deployment boundaries
3.goes beyond single use of a token
4.Security Tokens and Assurance says Anil as category name.
5.Anil suggested this topic name due to Token Transformation and levels 
of assurance in the cloud
x.Audit & Compliance

6.Where do you see a need for addressing APIs in here?  Identity 
a.Thinks that there are APIs at all levels.
b.APIs implied at each category
c.Patrick – APIs fit across many categories.
d.Confused at use of application in infrastructure management.
i.Applications is the granular term for container
e.What do we mean by infrastructure management.
i.More like virtualization across multiple layers
ii.Grey areas exist says Anil
iii.If we want to take Use cases and fit them into categories or lay out 
use cases in human terms and then describe process and list applicable 
categories that overlap – Matt
iv.Describer overall end process.  – Matt
v.How to break down use cases???
vi.Hoping for comments of specific subsections for each use case.
1.Roll definitions missing. - Matt
2.Good to say this use case represents these roles.
3.BP requires we define what goes in each section.
f.Great start – Pat.
7.Face to Face in Washington Wed Sept 29th.
a.Will provide teleconference facility
b.If able to attend that would be good.
c.M and T is the OASIS conference
8.Wiki has confirmed attendees.
a.Add your name there
b.All TC members should be able to update
c.Brian was unable to update
d.Anil and others will attend
e.Will be a good event
9.Other Business from members?
a.Dan Teriseni – will be at Face to Face and on a panel?
i.All day on Wednesday
b.You do not need to enroll in conference to attend meeting.
c.Same registration place that you are attending face to face
d.Register and it will be 0 if you only attend face to face meeting
e.Need to make sure room is big enough
f.Anil said the room is likely bigger then our TC
10.Any discussion on Glossary?
a.We can have it as a separate document.  We can leave it all in one for now
b.Leave all terms and definitions in document for now.  Flag terms and 
encourage use of terms and then we can decide whether to make  a 
separate doc or not
11.Members  Please submit use cases as early as possible
12.Move to adjorn. Seconded.  No objections to Adjorn.


On 08/23/2010 01:54 PM, Brian Marshall wrote:
> Meeting notes from August 23, 2010.
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