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Subject: Minutes of Oct 18th meeting

  Date: Oct 18, 2010

1) Roll Call And Agenda Review.

Andy Kindred Acxiom
Dale Moberg Axway Software
Kurt Roemer Citrix Systems, Inc.
David Kern IBM
Matthew Rutkowski IBM
Gershon Janssen Individual
Thomas Hardjono M.I.T.
Benny Koren Mellanox Technologies
Anthony Nadalin Microsoft Corporation
Dale Olds Novell
Paul Madsen Ping Identity Corporation
Anil Saldhana Red Hat
Doron Cohen SafeNet, Inc.
Tom Clifford Symantec Corp.
Darren Platt Symplified
Stephen Coplan The 451 Group
John Tolbert The Boeing Company
Kyle Austin TriCipher, Inc.
Brian Marshall Vanguard Integrity Professionals
Siddharth Bajaj VeriSign
Daniel Turissini WidePoint Corporation

Quorum: Achieved - 17 out of 24 voting members (70%)

Status Changes: John Bradley, Travis Yoes (Symplified), Michael Steiffel 
(Individual), Jerry Smith (US DOD), Mark Robinton (HID) lost voting rights.
Steve Coplan gains voting rights.

2) Approval of Minutes
http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/id-cloud/201009/msg00037.html (9/20 
http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/id-cloud/201010/msg00012.html (9/29 
Gershon Janssen moved to approve minutes from 9/20 meeting and 9/29 F2F. 
Seconded by Kurt Romer. No objections noted.

3) Review of Use Case Template.

Matt Rutkowski outlined the structure of the use case template, pointing 
out changes made to Safenet use case example to reflect use case 
categories and characteristics:
Description/ User Story: generic description of the problem set and 
desired functionality
Outcome: The end state for the user and high-level statement of 
technology requirements
Identity Management Categories: reference to one or more of “classic” 
identity management functions
Actors: Generic description of the user, and their context relative to 
Notable Services
Process flow

Noted that systems section is non-specific. Motion tabled to have system 
left optionally unspecified.

4) Face To Face Meeting Feedback.

Steve Coplan: Successful to the extent that reached consensus on a use 
case template, and the intention of the use case template to serve as a 
profile. Also useful in establishing the definition of shared interests 
of TC participants. Still more work is required to establish 
relationships with other OASIS committees, including audit, for example. 
The point of intersection will need to better demarcated.
Anil: We were able to achieve a lot in 1 day f2f. Good discussion. Next 
f2f will definitely be held at a vendor location with good wifi and 
other facilities. When we start to normalize the use cases, we will hold 
a longer f2f.

5) Conversion of submitted use cases to template

Kurt Roemer: Is there still a need to normalize use cases to generic 
identity management categories, and key challenges are mapped to 
authorization, security token translation, provisioning and SSO. The 
artefacts from the the TC should be clearly mapped to the key challenges.
Matt Rutkowski: the intention of the template – if the structure is 
maintained – is to be able to generate those artefacts. That's the 
reason why have asked for use cases to be submitted using the current 
use case template. Also, the intention is to maintain a change log. The 
template itself will reflect the normalized use case, but the change log 
can be captured in an adjoining template.

6) Other Business.

7) Adjourn.
Motion to adjourn proposed by Gershon Janssen. Seconded by Darren Platt.

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