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Subject: Draft minutes of 29 November IDCloud TC meeting



Please find attached the draft meeting minutes of November 29th IDCloud TC meeting.


Attendance is also updated in Kavi.


If you find any mistakes, please let me know.




Gershon Janssen




OASIS IDCloud TC Meeting
29 November 2010, 02:00pm ET, 19:00 CET




Scribe: Gershon Janssen


1. Roll Call, Agenda Review and Minute Taker Nomination

Quorum could not be established during the call as the OASIS website was not available. Item which required voting are deferred to the next meeting.

Meeting Attendees:

Name                   Company 
-----                  -------
Andy Kindred           Acxiom 
John Dilley            Akamai Technologies 
Dale Moberg            Axway Software* 
Jeffrey Broberg        CA Technologies 
Kurt Roemer            Citrix Systems, Inc. 
Tom Bishop             Conformity 
Mark Robinton          HID Global 
Robert Cope            Homeland Security Consultants 
David Kern             IBM 
Matthew Rutkowski      IBM 
Gershon Janssen        Individual 
Thomas Hardjono        M.I.T. 
David Turner           Microsoft Corporation 
Colin Wallis           New Zealand Government 
Dale Olds              Novell* 
Anil Saldhana          Red Hat 
Darran Rolls           SailPoint Technologies 
Tom Clifford           Symantec Corp.* 


This meeting does not quorate!

No changes and / or additions to the agenda.


2. Approval of November 1st Meeting Minutes

- 1 November 2010:

Minutes approval has been deferred to the next meeting.


3. Editors Update (MattR/Thomas)

Matthew Rutkowski: Updated and cleaned up the draft document as well as added two matrixes to identify use case coverage, categories and applicable deployment model. We have 17 use caes at the moment. Document will be available shortly.

Thomas Hardjono: Has been working on rewriting of the Kerberos use case.

Anil Saldhana: Submission of other use cases will follow shortly from others.


4. SailPoint use cases (Darran Rolls).

Darran Rolls elaborates on his use case submission.

Discussion on provisioning, entitlement and PDP.


5. ITU-T security workshop in Dec (Represented by Anil, Tony and Abbie)

Anil, Tony and Abbie will be at the 6-7 December ITU-T workshop in Geneva next week.


6. OMG Cloud Conf in Dec (Represented by John Dilley)

John will participate and will talk about this TC on the 6th December, during a session on Strategy for Cloud standards, colaboration, roadmapped development, run by Bob Marcus.

Anil an John will talk to eachother to discuss IDCloud TC aspects offline.


7. Other Business

No other business.


8. Adjourn

Meeting adjourned.

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