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Subject: Minutes from Oasis ID-Cloud TC call (13 December 2010)


Here are the minutes from the ID-Cloud TC this week.
Apologies if I missed any discussion points or threads.



Oasis ID-Cloud TC Meeting Minutes (13 Dec 2010)

[Notation:  Q = question; A = answer; C = comment]

1) Roll Call and Agenda Review:
- Quorum was NOT achieved.
- Added new agenda item: Liaison to Oasis-PSTC

2) Request Minute Taker:
- Thomas Hardjono minute taker.

3) Approval of TC Meeting Minutes from 29 Nov 2010:


- Approval deferred to next meeting due to lack of quorum.

4) Liaison to the Oasis Provisioning Services TC (PSTC):
- Darran Rolls raised some of the work-items and 
  issues (being discussed in the ID-Cloud TC) to the PSTC.

- PSTC indicated interest in some of these issues.

- Darran will act as Liaison person from the PSTC to the ID-Cloud TC.

- Anil will add Darran's name to the Wiki.

5) Dale Olds: Novell use-Cases

- PDF: http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/download.php/40573/id-cloud-novell-use-cases.pdf

(a) Novell-UC/Issue #1: Configuration of IdP (per tenant)
    o Tools and mechanisms needed so that configurations 
      can be managed programmatically.
    o Desired Outcome: A tenant can quickly and securely manage 
      their use of many cloud services using automated tools 
      rather than navigating and manually configuring each 
      service individually.
    o See Sect 1.1.2 of Novell Use-Case PDF.

    o Q: how to indicate categories of interest? (Dale)
       - A: Matt: most of the uses-cases already presume/assume
         features such as AuthN and AuthZ.
       - As such, call-out unique aspects and flows 
         of your use-case.
       - The Categories (as shown in Table in Sect 1.1.3) are
         also used for indexing the use-cases.

(b) Novell-UC/Issue #2: Delegated Access
    o Goal:  The tenant administrator should be able to 
      delegate access to their identity services configuration 
      (within a multi-tenant cloud service) to the identity 
       provider service.
    o See Sect 1.2 of Novell Use-Case PDF.

    o Flow:
      - A tenant administrator signs up for a new cloud services 
        for her users. 
      - Her identity services are provided by a third party.
      - She notifies the IdP that she wants her 
        users to have access to the new services which she just 
        signed-up for.
      - The IdP can exchange whatever configuration and 
        metadata is required with each new service on 
        behalf of the tenant administrator (without
        authenticating to each service as her).

(c) Novell-UC/Issue #3: Association of a User and Tenant
    o When a user accesses a multi-tenant cloud service, 
      the service may need to be able to associate the user 
      with a tenant account.
    o See Sect 1.3 of Novell Use-Case PDF.

    o Example: A Department D1 with an IdP (IDP#1) in an 
      organization buys a cloud service and wants to allow 
      people in a different department D2 with a different 
      IdP (IDP#2) access to that new cloud service.
    o Need a way to associate tenant account at the service
      with people/users in department D2 when the people 
      authenticate to access the service.

    o Part of the solution may be through IdP Discovery
      (eg. IdP multiplex to multi-tenant service).
    o Use-case still rough, and will be improved.

    o Q: should Dale add a new section to Use-case 
         doc structure? (Dale)
       - A:  Matt: UC not need to be a long.
         Best to identify new aspects not covered in
         other use-cases.

    o Next-steps: Dale will work further on UC and re-submit.
    o Anil: want to include Novell UC in next release of 
      ID-Cloud Use-cases (Editor's Draft).

(6) Editor's Draft of ID-Cloud Use-Cases doc (Matt)

- Current version is same as from 2 weeks ago:

- Matt will add new use-cases received (target for 
  discussion at next telecon in January).
- Matt will try to get an updated doc this Friday Dec 17th.

  o Q: Anil: should we set a Deadline for use-case submissions?
    - A: John Dilley:  yes, a deadline is good idea :)

(7) Feedback from ITU Workshop (Anil)
- ITU Workshop was Mon-Tue last week.

- Anil received good feedback about ID-Cloud TC:
  o Obtained 1 new member already.
  o Anil talked about ID-Cloud TC specifically.
  o There was another presentation on security, but it was 
    only a general presentation on the security issues 
    of cloud computing.

(8) OMG Telecom Cloud Conference Feedback (John Dilley)
- John presented some slides, covering:
  o The OASIS organization.
  o The ID-Cloud TC
  o The meeting was mostly open discussion.
  o Attendees were mainly vendors.
  o The was a comment to the effect that cloud computing today 
    is re-discovering the old identity management problem.

- John learnt of two new interesting/relevant 
  organizations: DISR and GIG
  o GIG has been around for several years.

- Another interesting comment was that open source software
  is as influential (or more influential than) standards.

- Take-aways:
  o Recommendation to take the message about cloud 
    computing to the end-user organization.
    + Example: city-councils or town management.
    + Need to truly understand their use-cases and pain-points.

  o CloudStandard.org Wiki:
    + Website/Wiki lists various orgs in cloud computing.
    + Oasis and ID-Cloud TC already listed.

(9) Next F2F Meeting:
- Thomas asks if we plan to have F2F at RSA Conference 2011.
  o RSA2011 dates:  Week of Monday 14 Feb 2011.

- There is already a Kantara ID Collaboration day on Mon 14th.

- Anil:  TC will need to decide if it wants to meet at RSA2011.

(10) No meeting of ID-Cloud TC on December 27th.
- Anil will remove from calendar.

(11) Meeting adjourned.


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