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Subject: ID Cloud TC use cases that CA Technologies is supportive of

Title: ID Cloud TC use cases that CA Technologies is supportive of

Seems to be a bit of overlap on many of these use cases,  I was surprised there wasnt a bit more about transparency of the cloud administrators activities to the tenants, but that can probably be rolled into some of the audit stuff.  CA is actively working on solutions to the following described use cases.  There was nothing surprising in the use cases, and we have been categorizing them into 3 buckets.  I have listed the use cases we are working on below, and removed the ones that we currently are not focusing on.

1.      Enabling the enterprise to consume cloud services

2.      Enabling security for cloud providers

3.      Delivering IAM-as-a-Service from the cloud

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5       Use Cases       20

5.1 Use Case 1: Application and Virtualization Security in the Cloud    20


5.2 Use Case 2: Identity Provisioning   21


5.3 Use Case 3: Identity Audit  22


5.6 Use Case 6: Federated Single Sign-On and Attribute Sharing  25


5.7 Use Case 7: Identity Silos in the Cloud     26


5.8 Use Case 8: Identity Privacy in a Shared Cloud Environment  27

        RCM & VIS

5.9 Use Case 9: Cloud Hosted Kerberos Authentication Service    29


5.10 Use Case 10: Cloud Signature Services      33


5.11 Use Case 11: Cloud Tenant Administration of a SaaS Application in a Public Cloud   35


5.12 Use Case 12: Enterprise to Cloud Single Sign-On    37


5.13 Use Case 13: Cloud Identity SSO “Authentication-as-a-Service”    38


5.14 Use Case 14: Transaction Validation & Signing in the Cloud 39


5.15 Use Case 15: Enterprise Purchasing from a Public Cloud     40


5.16 Use Case 16: Federated User Account and Attribute Provisioning and Management      44


5.17 Use Case 17: Describe Entitlement Model    53


5.18 Use Case 18: List Accounts and Entitlement Assignments     55


5.19 Use Case 19: Governance Based Provisioning 56

        Generic Cloud Services API

5.20 Use Case 20: Access to Enterprises Workforce Applications Hosted in Cloud 58


5.21 Use Case 21: Offload Enterprises Business Partner Identity Management     59


5.22 Use Case 22: Access to Enterprises Customer Applications Hosted in Cloud  60


5.23 Use Case 23: Access to Enterprises Consumer Applications Hosted in Cloud  61


5.24 Use Case 24: Per Tenant Identity Provider Configuration    62


5.25 Use Case 25: Delegated Identity Provider Configuration     63


5.26 Use Case 26: Association of a User and Tenant During Authentication        65


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