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Subject: Publicizing OASIS Id-Cloud's efforts

Anil and others,


The Id-Cloud TC has a charter goal of establishing strong liaisons with other groups – and there is considerable activity going on right now in this space (as you and I both saw from the NIST event last week).  Interoperability issues, with identity central among them, seems to be a key concern in many places.  Various organizations and resources have been cataloguing the various SDOs working on Cloud (including the cloud-standards.org wiki and this list from IETF).  Obviously, many of the SDOs on the list maintain bilateral relationships or similar standards catalogs.  This Id-Cloud TC is currently the only OASIS TC with an explicit “Cloud” focus, but various other OASIS standards and ongoing efforts may be relevant as well.


Has the TC discussed or decided on a policy and approach for coordinating and promoting what we’re doing elsewhere?  Has anyone already drafted a blurb summarizing what Id-Cloud is about?  If so, we could just go ahead and post it, at least to the Cloud-standards.org wiki.


As you think appropriate, I’d like to propose this as an agenda item for the next call and/or the F2F.


Best regards,




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