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Subject: MEETING NOTES 18 April 2011



OASIS IDCloud TC Meeting

18 April 2011, 02:00pm ET, 20:00 CET









Scribe: Gershon Janssen




1. Roll Call and Agenda Review


Name                                    Status

----                                         ------

Anil Saldhana                     Member

Anthony Nadalin                              Member

Brian Marshall                   Member

Darran Rolls                        Member

David Kern                          Member

David Turner                      Member

Dr. David Chadwick         Member

Dr. Dominique Nguyen  Member

Gershon Janssen                             Member

Kurt Roemer                      Member

Matthew Rutkowski       Member

Michele Drgon                  Member

Roger Bass                          Member

Frank Wray                         Member






14 people on the call, 10 of 20 voting members present (50%).


This meeting does not quorate.


Status changes:

Lost voting rights:

Dale Moberg, Doron Cohen, Siddharth Bajaj, Thomas Hardjono


Gained voting rights:





2. Approval of 4 April 2011 Minutes




Approval of minutes has been deferred to the next meeting as this meeting does not quorate.



3. Use Cases - Status


Received various updates on use cases. Some use cases still need to be updated; please do so this week as we have our face


to face meeting next week.



4. Editor's report


Matthew Rutkowski:


- Uploaded a new version (version P) of the use case document this morning, which includes the most recent received use cases.


- Matt asks everybody to go through the use cases and comment on them carefully.



5. Roger Bass: IDCloud Marketing Efforts


Roger Bass:


- There is a lot of activity in the Cloud space, where as many as 40 different SDOs are doing something related to cloud.


- Identity seems to be a fairly foundational aspect to all of those effort, so it seems to be useful to make people aware of our efforts.


- cloud-standards.org Wiki site contains a good overview of information on cloud standards and OASIS with its IDCloud effort


is already on there.


Gershon Janssen:


- Got the same idea after the CloudScape III conference in Brussels a few weeks ago


- Has been in contact with OASIS staff; Jamie Clarke said he will produce a positioning document on OASIS efforts on cloud


- Gershon will send more information on this to the list when available.


Roger Bass:


- How to reach out to other organisations on OASIS efforts? Can anyone send a document?


- Members feel that everyone should be able to do outreach, though when establishing liaisons we should discuss this more




Anil Saldhana:


- Our Wiki page (wiki.oasis-open.org/id-cloud) contains an overview of other related efforts


Roger Bass:


- cloud-standards.org Wiki site has only a few lines on this TCs efforts; may edit this to be more elaborate.



6. F2F logistics.


Dominique requests all attending the face to face meeting to send her a few details (Name, Organization, Email address,


Phone number, etc.) in order to arrange e.g. physical access and WIFI access.


All details on this meeting will be available at http://wiki.oasis-open.org/id-cloud/SecondFaceToFaceMeeting



7. NIST Cloud Computing Forum III Feedback


Anil gave a presentation at the NIST Cloud Computing Forum III on the work of the ID-Cloud TC. The presentation was well




Roger Bass:


- Highlights a few items discussed such as the Cloud First strategy



8. Other Business


- Gershon Janssen and Darran Rolls will be speaking at EIC2011 on privacy and cloud



9. Adjourn


Next meeting: Face to face meeting on 28-29 April 2011 in Concord, CA


Meeting adjourned.



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