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Subject: RE: [id-cloud] Minutes of 27 June 2011 TC meeting

Member status changes:

Lost voting rights:
Darran Rolls, David Chadwick, Michele Drgon

Gained voting rights:
No changes.

> Oasis IDCloud TC Meeting - 27 June 2011
> 1) Roll Call, Agenda Review and Minute Taker Nomination
> Attendees:
> --------------
> Dale Moberg     Axway Software
> Abbie Barbir     Bank of America
> Dominique Nguyen     Bank of America
> David Kern     IBM
> Matthew Rutkowski     IBM
> Thomas Hardjono     M.I.T.
> Anthony Nadalin     Microsoft
> David Turner     Microsoft
> Colin Wallis     New Zealand Government
> Anil Saldhana     Red Hat
> Doron Cohen     SafeNet, Inc.
> Stephen Coplan     The 451 Group
> Brian Marshall     Vanguard Integrity Professionals
> Quorum Achieved:  10 out of 16 voting members (62%)
> Status: Gershon will send the status changes in a reply.
> Anil will be the minute taker.
> 2) Approval of minutes
> Vote on Consolidated Face to Face meeting minutes
> http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/id-cloud/201105/msg00006.html
> Brian Marshall motions to approve minutes, Thomas Hardjono seconds.  
> Minutes are approved.
> Vote on May 16, 2010 meeting minutes as a TC *note*. The meeting did 
> not quorate.
> http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/id-cloud/201106/msg00060.html
> Colin Walis motions, Brian seconds. Note is approved.
> 3) Vote on the Editor's draft to be approved as Commitee Note Draft 01
> Anthony Nadalin (aka Tony)  motions "Motion to approve the Working 
> Draft 01 titled "Oasis Identity In The Cloud Use Cases Version 1.0, 
> recently uploaded at 
> http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/download.php/42672/id-cloud-usecases-v1.0-wd01.doc 
> as a Committee Note Draft"
> Matt Rutkowski seconds the motion.
> No Objections.
> The TC approves to move the working draft as a Committee Note Draft.
> Chair and editor to work with TC Admin.
> Congratulations to the TC and all its members for the magnificent 
> feat.Special thanks to editor Matt.
> Tony inquired if there was a need to send the draft to a public review 
> and he could motion. Anil and Matt opined that we need to do some work 
> on 4 use cases before sending it to public review.
> 4) Vote on getting a work product from TC admin for IDCloud Gap Analysis.
> Thomas motions:  "Motion to request TC admin to create work product 
> for IDCloud Gap Analysis".
> Abbie seconds.
> No Objections.
> The TC approves to move to request a work product from TC Admin.
> 5) Oasis International Cloud Symposium, by the Oasis IDTrust Member 
> Section and eGov Member Section.
> http://events.oasis-open.org/home/cloud/2011/home
> 6) Other Business : None
> 7) Adjourn
> Colin Walis motions and Brian seconds. Adjourned.
------- Chat Transcript ------
abbie barbir (Canada): can not dial in today on the road

anonymous1 morphed into David Kern (IBM)

anonymous1 morphed into Steve Coplan 451 Group

anonymous morphed into Dominique Nguyen

David Kern (IBM): Does anybody know if the F2F counted as a meeting for 
purposes of voting rights? AFAIK, I've only missed one meeting, but the 
notes that were sent out earlier today stated that I had lost voting rights.

Anil_Saldhana (Red Hat): David: I think so

Anil_Saldhana (Red Hat): David: f2f is official meeting. u can dial in.

anonymous morphed into Doron Cohen (SafeNet)

anonymous morphed into Sakthi IBM

abbie barbir (Canada): dominique need to be added to the attendance of 
May 16th call

abbie barbir (Canada): please correct the minutes to reflect that

Anil_Saldhana (Red Hat): sakthi: u r not on the roster

Anil_Saldhana (Red Hat)1: sakthi: not on the roster

Anil_Saldhana (Red Hat)2: dfdsfhjdsfjds

Anthony Nadalin: If not on roster then they have to leave the call

Anil_Saldhana (Red Hat)3: abbie: dial in

Anil_Saldhana (Red Hat)3 morphed into Anil_Saldhana (Red Hat)

Anil_Saldhana (Red Hat): Motion to approve the Working Draft recently 
uploaded at 
as a Committee Note Draft.

Anil_Saldhana (Red Hat): Vote on meeting minutes: 

Anil_Saldhana (Red Hat): Brian Marshall motions,  Thomas Hardjono seconds.

Anil_Saldhana (Red Hat): Any Objections to unanimous consent?

Anil_Saldhana (Red Hat): thanks David Kern for the honesty

Anil_Saldhana (Red Hat): getting link for the May 16th meeting minutes 
which need to be approved as note

Anil_Saldhana (Red Hat): can someone get the link to Gershon's email 
from http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/id-cloud/201106/threads.html

abbie barbir (Canada): gershon@qroot.com

abbie barbir (Canada): 

Anil_Saldhana (Red Hat): sorry for the delay in my browser loading a page.

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