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Subject: Minutes of 25 July 2011 TC meeting



OASIS IDCloud TC Meeting

25 July 2011, 02:00pm to 03:00pm ET



Scribe: Gershon Janssen


1. Roll Call and Agenda Review


Name              Status

----              ------

Anil Saldhana     Member

Gershon Janssen   Member

Matthew Rutkowski Member

Roger Bass        Member

Abbie Barbir      Member

Dale Moberg       Member

Chris Ramstrom    Member

David Kern        Member

Dominique Nguyen  Member

David Turner      Member

Steven Coplan     Member





This meeting quorates.


Status changes:

Lost voting rights:

Brian Marshall, Colin Wallis


Gained voting rights:



2. Approval of minutes


- Approval of the July 11 minutes



Motion to approve the minutes by Dominique Nguyen. Seconded by Matthew Rutkowski. Minutes are approved by unanimous consent.



3. Use Case Document


Anil Saldhana:

-    TC Admin have a queue; the following tickets are currently active or next in line for processing: Ticket TCADMIN-559 -- CND Creation / Upload Request for Identity In The Cloud Use Cases - in progress.


Matt Rutkowski:


-    Review the terms and definitions at a meeting


-    ACTION ITEM: Anil to set up a meeting next Monday at the same timeslot as the regular TC meeting.


4. Gap Analysis


Roger Bass:


-    Roger sent out an analysis on the list


-    No updates / new content to report on with respect to the GAP analysis.


-    Maybe send out a reminder on the list on the GAP analysis and refer to WIKI site


Anil Saldhana:


-    Reminds that all discussions by preference should take place on the list


Roger Bass:


-    Proposal for a recurring meeting every Friday @ 2pm ET to discuss the Gap Analysis


-    ACTION ITEM: Gershon to setup an informal meeting in Kavi for this.



5. Other Business


No other business.



6. Adjourn


Meeting adjourned.




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