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Subject: Minutes of Gap Analysis call 2011-07-29

Thanks to all who participated on the initial Gap Analysis call: Anil, Dominique, Dale, Chris R, Roger
This will be a recurring weekly meeting until further notice.
Regular time going forward will be on Fridays:
12pm Eastern, 11am Central, 9am Pacific
Minutes below, copied/edited from the chat room.  I will also update the wiki with this
Roger Bass (Traxian): http://wiki.oasis-open.org/id-cloud/GapAnalysis
OT: Dale was asking which use cases might apply to a ‘delegation’ scenario that had arisen in a GS1 use case:
AnilSaldhana(RedHat): univ of kent
AnilSaldhana(RedHat): novell, sailpoint and david chadwick(univ of kent)
Roger Bass (Traxian): SAML
AnilSaldhana(RedHat): samlv2
AnilSaldhana(RedHat): ws-trust
AnilSaldhana(RedHat): openid
AnilSaldhana(RedHat): oauth
AnilSaldhana(RedHat): ovf
AnilSaldhana(RedHat): uma (Kantara)
AnilSaldhana(RedHat): xspa
Roger Bass (Traxian): kmip
AnilSaldhana(RedHat): xacml
Roger Bass (Traxian): Kerberos
AnilSaldhana(RedHat): Emerging Standard for Provisioning:  SCIM
                       Also applicable: spml
We discussed other idm ‘buckets’. We’d not yet covered standards in the auditing domain:
AnilSaldhana(RedHat): pci-dss
AnilSaldhana(RedHat): cobit
Roger Bass (Traxian): hipaa
Roger Bass (Traxian): IHE: electronic health records (data security, SSO)
Chris Ramstrom (CA Technologies): SOX
Going through the table of use cases, we take standards one by one, and identify use cases to which they apply:
Roger Bass (Traxian): http://wiki.oasis-open.org/id-cloud/UseCaseCategories
AnilSaldhana(RedHat): Using New Use Case #  (2nd col)
Roger Bass (Traxian): openid and saml probably have similar applicability
AnilSaldhana(RedHat): SAML: 1,
Roger Bass (Traxian): 1,5,6,7,11,12
Roger Bass (Traxian): 10,15,16,17,18
Roger Bass (Traxian): 22,23,25,27
Roger Bass (Traxian): scim
AnilSaldhana(RedHat): SCIM: CRUD for SAAS Applications
AnilSaldhana(RedHat): SCIM: saas providers such as salesforce, google, webex etc
AnilSaldhana(RedHat): Provisioning:  SPML  and SCIM (emerging)
Roger Bass (Traxian): ditto scim and spml
Roger Bass (Traxian): 2,14
AnilSaldhana(RedHat): SCIM: 15 to 18
Roger Bass (Traxian): scim+spml: 27
AnilSaldhana(RedHat): A7
AnilSaldhana(RedHat): A6
AnilSaldhana(RedHat): A6 working group from Cloud Audit
AnilSaldhana(RedHat): SAS70


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