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Subject: Gap Analysis Minutes 9/8

Here are the minutes from today’s call.  Threads specific to invidual use cases to follow, as discussed



Roger Bass (Traxian): continuing the use case review with use case 23

Roger Bass (Traxian): in mobile, the use of the device in MFA is the distinguishing characteristic

Roger Bass (Traxian): device id would be one of the attributes/factors involved

Roger Bass (Traxian): such use requires a device registration process (possibly more than one per account)

Roger Bass (Traxian): SAML, Oauth seem potentially applicable

Roger Bass (Traxian): process flow for the use case should probably include the registration and other process steps

Roger Bass (Traxian): Unclear if there is a standard for device registration (profile)

Roger Bass (Traxian): Various keywords from the use case (device, secure hardware, registration, MFA). Research required based on those keywords to identify other potentially relevant standards

Roger Bass (Traxian): the question was raised as to whether the notion of 'assurance of hardware/device identity' might not have some commonality across the otherwise quite dissimilar realms of mobile and data center (referred to Thomas Hardjono - possibly not included in the CD version)

Roger Bass (Traxian): actually it is: Use Case 26

AnilSaldhana(RedHat): health care ID standards:   xspa  -  saml  and ws-trust bindings

Roger Bass (Traxian): this use case 23 may have applicability to healthcare scenarios, so there might be some relevant healthcare standards

Dominique Nguyen1: I'm logging off to catch another meeting

Dominique Nguyen1: thx all

Roger Bass (Traxian): we agreed to create an email thread for each of the use cases discussed, as a way to facilitate and organize further discussion on the list

Roger Bass (Traxian): Roger agreed to send those out for the three use cases we covered so far 27,23,1

Roger Bass (Traxian): that's it for today I think


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