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Subject: Minutes for 12 Dec meeting

AnilSaldhana(RedHat): ==============

AnilSaldhana(RedHat): Agenda


1) Roll Call, Agenda Review and Minute Taker Nomination


2)  Approval of Nov 28, 2011 Meeting Minutes




3) Use Case Document Draft  (Matt)




4) Next steps for the Use Case document finalization.


5) Gap Analysis (Gershon)


6) Other business.


7) Adjourn

AnilSaldhana(RedHat): =========================


Cathy Tilton: Cathy Tilton was asked to take notes.


AnilSaldhana(RedHat): 2. http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/id-cloud/201112/msg00002.html


Cathy Tilton: Roll call completed - list to be provided by Anil.

Cathy Tilton: Quorum achieved.


AnilSaldhana(RedHat): Quorum achieved: 7 out of 13 voting members

AnilSaldhana(RedHat): 53%


Cathy Tilton: Nov 28 minutes - move to accept (RogerB/MattR) - no objection, minutes approved.

Cathy Tilton: Use case document - Matt uploaded & gave update.  Latest draft uploaded. Goal for Rev2, 5 use cases, *as-is - these need to be edited/normalized.

Cathy Tilton: Use case from Richard Cope - 5 pages long with diagrams.  Has value, but hard to pull out.  Tried to re-create in simplified/common style.  Hope tho have that done today.  Working on 4 others - hope to have done by deadline (once set) for this year.

Cathy Tilton: Ver 2 is hoped to be the final revision.

Cathy Tilton: Matt on vacation this week.  Plans to work on it then.  Or group can decide to begin the 15-day review prior to end of year.

Cathy Tilton: Where in document?  At the end of the list. (Grayed out in summary tables.)


abbie: on the call for the roll call


Cathy Tilton: Cope use case: User account and attribute provisioning (from defense side)

Cathy Tilton: Had many actors that didn't contribute directly to the use case.

Cathy Tilton: Good job talking about identity attributes. Roles of branch/central offices.

Cathy Tilton: Addresses movement of users between locations (branches).

Cathy Tilton: 3 scenarios in this use case.

Cathy Tilton: Nearly done with this one.

Cathy Tilton: Goals is to not have any 'special cases' in the final rev.

Cathy Tilton: Matt's copy is Rev F.  That is the one that will go up with this first use case normalized.

Cathy Tilton: Qeustion - do other 4 or send for review without?

Cathy Tilton: Is this made more generic - yes, that is the idea.

Cathy Tilton: Must be readable and usable.

Cathy Tilton: Next meeting?  26 Dec will be cancelled.  So next one is in Jan.

Cathy Tilton: If can get done, can do 15-day review.  Push out past 1st of year?  Yes, OK.

Cathy Tilton: Prepare ballot for TC admin.  Should be voted on in meeting.

Cathy Tilton: Standing rule on electronic voting?

Cathy Tilton: Do have standing rule, but TC admin prefers meeting vote.

Cathy Tilton: Need vote to send to 15-day review ballot.

Cathy Tilton: Will a 2nd ballot be required?  Yes if comments received and accepted.

Cathy Tilton: May want to start clock with an initial review.

Cathy Tilton: Next meeting:  Jan 23rd (Anil traveling week of 9th)

Cathy Tilton: Ballot will run 7 days prior to sending for 15-day review.

Cathy Tilton: Ballot 1st, close 8th. 15 day review end before 23rd.

Cathy Tilton: Will TC admin post that quickly?

Cathy Tilton: Process has speeded up somewhat.

Cathy Tilton: Have quick meeting next Mon to approve sending to review?

Cathy Tilton: 1 week is not enough time to schedule such a meeting

Cathy Tilton: Quick call on 26th?

Cathy Tilton: Need quorum - 19th or 26th better?

Cathy Tilton: What is first possible meeting in Jan?

Cathy Tilton: Maybe 2nd or 3rd?

Cathy Tilton: Ballot as backup option?

Cathy Tilton: Creating a ballot may be best option.

Cathy Tilton: When final draft ready, create ballot in conjunction. Run when?  Do selves or does TC admin have to issue?

Cathy Tilton: Believe it is possible to issue ourselves.

Cathy Tilton: Matt will upload and then contact Anil to help create ballot.  Matt can create.

Cathy Tilton: Ballot period?  1 week.

Cathy Tilton: Matt to send reminder to mailing list.

Cathy Tilton: Motion neede?  No.


AnilSaldhana(RedHat): =============================


Cathy Tilton: Action item to seek ballot?  Yes.  Moved (AbbieB/Thomas). No objections - approved.


AnilSaldhana(RedHat): ========

AnilSaldhana(RedHat): Bank of America Abbie Barbir Secretary

Traxian Roger Bass Voting Member

M.I.T. Thomas Hardjono Secretary

Ericsson Jonas Hogberg Observer

IBM David Kern Voting Member

Vanguard Integrity Professionals Brian Marshall Member

Microsoft Anthony Nadalin Chair

Bank of America Dominique Nguyen Voting Member

IBM Matthew Rutkowski Secretary

Red Hat Anil Saldhana Chair

Daon Cathy Tilton Member

Microsoft David Turner Voting Member

AnilSaldhana(RedHat): ==============


Cathy Tilton: Next steps - Use case document finalization

Cathy Tilton: Next item - Gap analysis.  Gershon working on posting something.

Cathy Tilton: Status?  Domonique will check with Gershon & Roger.

Cathy Tilton: Will try to get together on this this week.

Cathy Tilton: Gershon not yet joined.

Cathy Tilton: To be scheduled.


Roger Bass (Traxian): roger@traxian.com


Cathy Tilton: Next step - Gershon to post Gap Analysis document

Cathy Tilton: Process question (Roger) - use cases touch on O-Auth, CPPA (handled by other OASIS TC). What is the process for working with other TCs (i.e., for gap analysis docs).

Cathy Tilton: (Anil) - can establish a liaison relationship.  Assign liaisons.

Cathy Tilton: Roger has begun doing this informally.

Cathy Tilton: Roger - should he propose himself as the liaison?


AnilSaldhana(RedHat): http://wiki.oasis-open.org/id-cloud/liaisons


Cathy Tilton: Do we need to vote on this?  N - jsut add name.

Cathy Tilton: Gershon sent email where he outlines what he thinks we should do WRT gap analysis.

Cathy Tilton: Sent some info with links. Still need to post doc.


abbie: had to dropp


Cathy Tilton: Another question - is O-Auth under IETF?  Yes.  Some TC members are active (e.g., Tony, Thomas)

Cathy Tilton: Advise on flow & potential gaps WRT O-Auth > how to work with them?

Cathy Tilton: Send to O-Auth mailing list - open list.

Cathy Tilton: Other business - cancelling 26 Dec meeting.  No need to vote.


Roger Bass (Traxian): (regarding CPPA above - it is handled by the OASIS ebCORE TC


Cathy Tilton: Adjourn till new year.  Motion - Dominique/Anil. Approved.


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