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Subject: Informal Gap Analysis meeting Thu 09/Feb @ 2PM ET

Hi all,


Our next informal Gap Analysis meeting is on Thu 09/February @ 2pm ET.


Dial-in details:



Web chat room:




Agenda for this meeting is:


-          To further go through each of the use cases and try to establish what standards might be applicable.


There is no particular order in which we want to walk through the use cases, so if there are use cases we have good insights into at this stage, let’s do those first. If none, then let’s take them in order starting from use case 8.



Generic goals for the informal GAP analysis meeting:

- review use case by use case / applicable standards / identify big gaps

- further develop GAP analysis document

- timeframe: initial / draft findings by mid-March 2012



Kind regards,


Gershon Janssen

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