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Subject: Re: [id-cloud] Proposal: Move Informal Gap Analysis meeting to Fri @ 11AM ET

I am fine with this time.

On 03/08/2012 10:43 AM, Gershon Janssen wrote:

Hi all,


During our last TC meeting we discussed moving the Thursday Informal Gap Analysis meetings to another day.


I like to propose the move this meeting to:


Friday @ 11AM ET


Is this a good time?


Another option would be on Wednesdays @ 12 AM ET / 1 PM ET / 2 PM ET.



I personally cannot do after 12AM ET on Fridays, as I’m in Europe (CET).



During these meetings we want to:


-          go through the use cases (no particular order)


-          ask ourselves several questions per use case, e.g.  “Where do we believe the standards fall short?”, ”What do we perceive as missing?”


-          write down the outcomes of discussions based on these questions


-          after have done that exercise, publish as a draft and validate if our assumptions are true or not



Kind regards,


Gershon Janssen

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