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Subject: F2F ID-Cloud meeting documents

Hi all,


Please find attached 3 documents:


  1. GAP Analysis document version WD01c.


This is the latest version I’ve created with all the content of the GAP analysis discussions included up till now.


  1. ID-cloud GAP analysis work overview slides


A couple of slides which can be used at the start of the meeting to elaborate on the GAP analysis process, progress so far and to kick-start a short discussion on direction and pace of our GAP analysis work.


  1. GAP Analysis Overview Tracker Sheet


Excel sheet showing the 29 Use Cases and what elements of the GAP analysis process has been completed.



The GAP Analysis document version WD01c has been uploaded to Kavi in Word and PDF as well.


Kind regards,


Gershon Janssen



Attachment: IDCloud-gap-v1.0-wd01c.doc
Description: MS-Word document

Attachment: ID-Cloud GAP Analysis Overview Tracker Sheet v01.xls
Description: MS-Excel spreadsheet

Attachment: ID-Cloud GAP analysis work overview 16 May 2012.ppt
Description: MS-Powerpoint presentation

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