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Subject: MINUTES OASIS IDCloud TC Meeting 16-17 May 2012

OASIS IDCloud TC Meeting
Face-2-Face meeting @ Microsoft, Redmond, WA
16-17 May 2012, 09:00am to 05:00pm PT

Member status changes after 16-17 May 2012 meeting:

Lost voting rights:

Gained voting rights:

Now: 11 voting members in TC.

Scribe: Gershon Janssen

1. Roll Call and Agenda Review

Name                  Status
----                  ------
Anil Saldhana         Member
Tony Nadalin          Member
Gershon Janssen       Member
Matthew Rutkowski     Member
David Turner          Member
Scott Stark           Member
Dr. Dominique Nguyen  Member
Roger Bass            Member
David Kern            Member
Cathy Tilton          Member
James Bryce Clark     OASIS


11 people joined the meeting.

This meeting quorates.

No changes to the proposed agenda.

2. Approval of 30 April 2012 Meeting Minutes


Gershon moves to approve the minutes; Anil seconds. Motion carries.
Meeting minutes approved.

3. Use Case Document Discussion

* Reuse of Use Case Document

KMIP, TRUST-EL TCs are now looking at use case collection and publication
and looking at ID-cloud TCs work as a reference.

* IPR issues on CN draft

- Tony explaining:

TC currently running in RF-unlimit IPR-mode.

ITU beliefs it cannot take the CN from the OASIS IDCloud TC without knowing
the IPR status. Currently the CN has no IPR protection.

There is no patent assurance on our documents; no grants on copyright
reprint rights.

- Jamie: 

2 options:

1) make the CN a spec (via process, and acquire patent)

2) convince ITU it does not need those protections

Jamie can additionally work at staff-to-staff level

The path forward is going to be, that ITU-T SG13 will craft a liaison stmt
explaining the problem discretely to OASIS and we can use that as a more
open way to discuss within OASIS and track the discussion and opinions and
see if we can achieve whatever assurances ITU-T SG13 seems to want (as best
as OASIS is able to) from OASIS.

4. Gap Analysis

Documents used to start off the GAP analysis discussion:

- ID-cloud GAP analysis work overview slides

- GAP Analysis Overview Tracker Sheet

- GAP analysis document, most recent working draft version 01c

We agreed on going through all the use cases one by one, performing a coarse
gap analysis and identify big / obvious gaps. To that end we brainstormed
for about 10-15 minutes per use case and summarized our discussions,
entering the draft results into the working draft document.

Gap analysis working draft 01d is available in Kavi, with all its draft
edits as a result of the f2f -- no additional editorial work performed yet.
Gershon will perform some editorial rewording and clean-up and post the next
version in due time.

Use cases discussed during the F2F meeting: 25 use cases out of 29, leavig
open for brainstorming and discussion use cases 14, 15, 17 and 18.

5. Adjourn

Meeting adjourned.

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