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Subject: ANNOUCE: DMTF Cloud Audit WG Publishes Draft Spec.


The DMTF Cloud Auditing Data Federation (CADF) Working Group has officially released a public draft of its specification as a "Work-In-Progress" version 1.0 draft.  The PDF format version is available for a public review/comment period ending January 31, 2013.  Links to CADF working group home page, draft specification and use cases are listed below.


The CADF has developed a format-neutral event data model and data schema which can be used to federate Audit Events, Logs and Reports between cloud providers using REST-ful interfaces and be used by cloud customers to self-manage audit data for their cloud hosted applications and data.  The specification has had the input of the following notable member companies:
NetIQ, Microsoft, CA, Huawei, VMware, Fujitsu, Citrix, EMC and others

The CADF has the following alliance partners who liaise to the working group:
The Open Group (TOG), ITU-T (Cloud Audit and SLM WGs), Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), NIST (SLA and Metrics WGs), and others

The CADF also works closely with the DMTF Cloud Mgmt. Working Group (CMWG) so that CMWG specified management activities are able to produce CADF formatted events and logs.

Resource Links:

DMTF CADF Home Page: http://dmtf.org/standards/cadf

Link to DMTF CADF "Data Format and Interface Definitions Specification" (DSP0262) Version 1.0.0 (Work-in-Progress) Draft 1:


The CADF member companies submitted, compiled and analyzed cloud audit use cases covering: Industry Compliance Reporting, Geolocation (of apps and data), Data Tagging, Privacy, SLA, SLM, Event Correlation, Event Aggregation and Summarization and more.  The results where published June 27th, 2012 by the DMTF and used during development of the specification:

Link to the DMTF CADF's 64-page "Use Cases Whitepaper" (DSP2028), Version 1.0.0:



Please feel free to contact me for more information or details on the CADF WG or any of its activities or publishings. 

Kind regards,

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