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Subject: Meeting Minutes 4 March 2013

OASIS IDCloud TC Meeting - 4 March 2013

1. Roll Call
Company     Name ascending     Role
NEC Corporation     Gines Dolera Tormo     Member
NEC Corporation     Felix Gomez Marmol     Voting Member
IBM     David Kern     Voting Member
Red Hat     Anil Saldhana     Chair
Microsoft     David Turner     Member

Quorum not achieved.

2. Approval of Minutes

3. Gap Analysis Document

Gershon has requested additional time to upload the document.

4. Profiles Discussions

We should start sending profiles for public review.

5. Other Business

There was a mention of OASIS20 event in Santa Clara. Jane Harnad's email to the TC list (15 Feb) has the details.

6. Adjourned till 4 April.
(18th March meeting canceled due to unavailability of chairs)

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