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Subject: Call for Participation, Next PKIA TC Con Call

Dear All

This is a special call for IDtrust and PKIA TC members to participate in 
our next Conference Call (scheduled for next week, at a time TBC; Dee 
will advise shortly).

We're working hard to re-energise the PKI Technical Committee, by 
focusing on awareness raising and normative policy positions on hot 
topics like interoperability and legal liability.

Most agree PKI is in the midst of a strong revival, but we need to 
restore momentum in pivotal policy matters, because so much confusion 
remains around governance, light touch implementation, and business 

You may have seen a series of background papers from me, intended as 
thought-starters.  I've provided the links below.
I hope that everyone can now take a few minutes to read our draft PKI 
Adoption TC Strategic Plan, at 


PKI is resurgent worldwide, driven by new wave e-business applications 
in need of robust electronic signatures, especially for totally 
paperless transacting.   Embedded private keys and certificates are 
increasingly commonplace across a wide range of “personal authentication 
devices” including smartcards, mobile phones and SIM cards, and 
applications and appliances such as IP telephony clients and cable TV 
set-top boxes.  In the main, most practical new applications of PKI tend 
to diverge from the original concept of PKI as a general purpose naming 
scheme.  It is vital that policy formulations, liability frameworks and 
quality control mechanisms keep up with these real world developments.

The PKIA TC calls for participation from all OASIS IDtrust members and 
PKI industry stakeholders in our pragmatic new work program, as outlined 
in the rest of this document.

Recent PKIA TC Documents



I look forward to speaking with as many of you as possible next week. 
Stay tuned for a meeting reminder from Dee.


Stephen Wilson
Chair, OASIS PKI Adoption TC
Managing Director, Lockstep Group

Lockstep Consulting provides independent specialist advice and analysis 
on identity management, PKI and smartcards.  Lockstep Technologies 
develops unique new smartcard technologies to address transaction 
privacy and web fraud.

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