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Subject: Looking for an IDtrust news junkie

I'm trying to find a volunteer who would be willing to spend approximately five minutes a day (or less) to maintain the IDtrust XML.org news page (http://idtrust.xml.org/news). Here's what's involved:

1. Sign up to receive a daily Google News alert for IDtrust-related keywords ("PKI", "XDI", etc.). You'll get one email a day containing links to a few articles.

2. Review articles and identify any that are worth linking to from IDtrust XML.org (this usually ends up being 1-3 articles a week). 

3. Create a News entry for each worthy article using the form at http://idtrust.xml.org/node/add/news

If you're interested, please let me know, and I'll provide full instructions. 

This is a great way to contribute to IDtrust XML.org, stay on top of IDtrust-related news, and receive recognition as a major contributor to the site--all for less than 30 minutes a week.


Carol Geyer
Director of Communications
+1.978.667.5115 x209 

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