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Subject: Gartner IAM Summit 2014 - OASIS member discount available

[The following announcement is being sent on behalf of Gartner, organizer of the Identity & Access Management Summit 2014.  OASIS is an event supporter and our members receive a $300 discount when using the special registration code GARTOASIS.]

Walk away with a clear IAM vision and an actionable strategy for success at Gartner IAM Summit 2014. Preview agenda.

Gartner Identity & Access Management Summit 2014

Accelerate progress at every stage of your IAM program development

Today's identity and access management (IAM) landscape is littered with implementations gone wrong. As mobile and cloud upend traditional best practices, IAM must find new ways to rein in complexity and deliver results.

To help you deliver improvements quickly and efficiently, Gartner Identity & Access Management Summit, December 2 - 4, in Las Vegas, NV, provides you with IAM strategies for clear-cut, "do this first" next steps, so you can implement a simpler, more business-driven IAM program for improved enterprise performance. You'll get the latest insights and recommendations for today's complex IAM challenges and the future of IAM, including IAM as a service and the Internet of Things - all within five agenda tracks:

Just-released agenda! Preview the 2014 agenda. Click here.

Learn More

Track A

IAM Foundations

Track B

Moving Your IAM Program Forward

Track C

Future of IAM

Track D

Technical Insights - Your Technology Blueprint

Track E

Making IAM Secure


Register today and save $300 with code GARTOASIS >

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