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Subject: Reminder- Nominations close on Sept 27th


Just a reminder in case you have not submitted your nominations yet, please see email below for specific due dates.Â

The IDTrust Member SectionÂSteeringÂCommitteeÂhas elected representatives that require your review this year.

There are two seats eligible for nomination.Â

Nominations for these seats start on September 13 and will close on September 27.ÂÂ
NOTE the policy does not provide for the nomination period to be extended--all nominations MUST be received by September 27..

You may nominate yourself or any current Member Section Member by email toÂÂsc-election@oasis-open.orgÂ

Nominations must be accepted by the nominee, by email to bothÂsc-election@oasis-open.orgÂandÂidtrust-ms@lists.oasis-open.orgÂÂ
Nominees are encouraged to share some background information to help the voters know who they are.

If there are more than two nominations, voting will take place 1-15 October via a closed ballot.Â
Otherwise, the candidates are automatically selected.

Let me know if you have any questions about the process or the commitments of serving on theÂSteeringÂCommittee.


First NameLast NameCompanyExpiration
MicheleDrgonIndividualSeptember 2018
DawnJutlaSt Marys UniversitySeptember 2019
JohnSaboIndividualSeptember 2019
AnilSaldanhaIndividualSeptember 2019

Catherine Mayo

781-425-5073Â x21

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