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Subject: Oxford University/OASIS Privacy Workshop, September 9-10 2019

The IDTrust Member Section and the Computer Science Department of the University of Oxford are co-sponsoring a two-day workshop in Oxford, England on September 9-10:
"International Workshop - Delivering Data Protection in Real Time -Transforming Privacy Law into Practice"


The Website includes the workshop's objectives, information on the venue, detailed calls for presentations and posters, and registration information.  As you will see from the workshop description and call for presentations/posters, we are trying to develop a program that focuses on implementing privacy controls in todayÂs complex "ecosystem" of networked applications and integrated systems.  

Content will include standards, current and planned research programs, testbeds, available technologies, gaps to be addressed, etc. The primary focus is on assured delivery of data protection/privacy controls, (for example, as mandated by the European Data Protection Regulation) across networked, interconnected systems and applications, so the emphasis is on technology and associated business processes and not the law and regulations themselves.

This is an opportunity for interested IDTrust Member Section TCÂs to present their work as it relates to the workshop's objectives.

Please look at the workshop information online, and  consider attending and/or submitting a presentation proposal.  

TC Chairs, I would like to put together an introduction to the work of IDTrust MS TCÂs as an example of practical standards that support data protection delivery, so please let me or Jane Harnad know if your TC has content that could be used for a short PowerPoint presentation on the privacy-related work underway in OASIS. 

Best regards,

John Sabo
Chair, IDTrust Member Section Steering Committee

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