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Subject: HI Spec Draft



At the request of Mary McRae I have posted my working draft of the HI Spec (Health Indicators) to the IHC site.


The current status of the work is as follows:


-          I have been trying to get the formatting into standard OASIS Spec format. Still in process

-          I have not confirmed the normative and non-normative references – but am working on it.

-          I am still proof reading but so far this is merely a formality.

-          Finally, I am trying to add my two cents to the document.


This document is the number one agenda item for the next meeting, which as you will recall will not be tomorrow, but in two weeks (on April 12th). By then I am sure I will have a clean draft on the site.




Dr. Brett Trusko

Author: Improving Healthcare Quality and Cost with Six Sigma





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