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Subject: RE: [ihc] Shooting arrows at barn doors?


We are probably headed there eventually - but obviously we have to get our first
meeting done - and get our feet set on the ground - and probably do some
directioning - but I could see this in the cards - as we are already working
closely with the eGov TC too.

Thanks, DW

Quoting Brett Trusko <brett.trusko@oasis-open.org>:

> So we need a liaison from EPR to this committee and visa-versa . . . 
> -----Original Message-----
> From: David RR Webber [mailto:david@drrw.info] 
> Sent: Wednesday, August 18, 2004 4:05 AM
> To: ihc@lists.oasis-open.org
> Subject: [ihc] Shooting arrows at barn doors?
> This just out - however - while this may appear further away when seen in
> rear
> view mirror - the below certainly is quotable to help focus on why such
> things
> as the digital bag and bizID research the the EPR team are doing are vitally
> important stones on the path...
> <snip>
> Health IT - President Bush has called for the widespread adoption of
> interoperable Electronic Health Records in ten years. Interoperability
> through
> standards will enable us to share electronic patient records, which will
> improve the quality of health care. Standards are adopted for health IT use
> by
> all Federal agencies through the efforts of the multi-agency Consolidated
> Health Informatics (CHI), a joint venture of HHS, Department of Veterans
> Affairs (VA) and Department of Defense (DOD). Adoption of these standards
> will
> increase our ability to share medical data within the health community. 
> </snip>
> http://drrw.net


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