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Subject: Re: [ihc] Going out on a limb


This looks like a great use case for XDS and EPR!

See PPT slides here -

especially slides #22, 23 and 24

and then on digital bags and XDS details:


So - given that what you posted is more of a Use Case outline - would it 
sense to create the next section of your strawman with something like
"Implementation Approach" - and talk about how to use OASIS specifications
to create a pathfinder implementation?

Enjoy, DW
Brett Trusko wrote:

> OK all,
> J am going to go out on a limb here so be kind!!
> Attached is a starting “outline” that I am ready to start working 
> with… _Sock it to me_! BTW – Version Control says this is V10-1 
> meaning the first document of October.
> Best,
> Brett

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