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Subject: Use cases



In the grand scheme of things, would we be best off focusing first on use cases in the healthcare continuum? After thinking through the process, I believe that this is where we could make the greatest impact the soonest.

If so, what is the best tool we could use in the development of use cases? I have a use case UML tool in Visio 2003, but am sure that many do not have Visio, not to mention the 2003 version. Accordingly, I would be willing to be the “keeper” of the use cases if the members of the committee would be willing to start to feed the “actors” to me. My assumption is that we could start to build from use case and become more sophisticated as we build the picture.

Sooooo . . . Any thoughts, comments etc. on this?

Send me your actors . . .


Brett Trusko, Ph.D.


10 Stratford Court

Danville, CA   94506


(925) 683-2974

“send me your actors . . .”

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