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Subject: HL7 Services Specification Project: Formal Minutes and Work Items from Orlando WGM

From: Rubin, Ken (EDS) [SMTP:Ken.Rubin@med.va.gov]  
To: servicesBOF@lists.hl7.org 
Cc: healthcare@omg.org 
Subject: HL7 Services Specification Project: Formal Minutes and Work Items from Orlando WGM 
Sent: 2/1/05 4:23 PM 
Importance: Normal 


Attached to this message are the formal minutes from the Orlando
Services meeting, and the "long short list" of candidate services that
will be used as a basis for discussions and pruning.  As agreed last
week, each organization with a "registered interest" in a subject will
self-organize and provide back to the list a description of that
service.  The table in the second document attached includes the
"template" as well as one elaborated instance for the "Record Locator
Service."    Note that the Record Locator is at this point just an
exemplar, and that the parties signed up still need to work on that one
to reflect the group's thinking.

Please provide to the list your service definitions by close of business
on Friday (local time).  No need to provide the entire table.  The text
of the template will be sufficient.  I'll arrange to have all of the
responses integrated in and distributed as one document.

Also note that our "ServicesBOF" page on the HL7 Website is up and
running.  You can find us listed as a "SIG", and all of the documents
are posted there.  Special thanks to Scott Robertson for staying on top
of this for us.

We are scheduled to have a telecon on Monday, 7 Feburary at 9:00pm UT,
4:00pm EST, 1:00pm PST.  Note that a calendar appointment is attached
for convenience.
Dial-in info follows:

Access Number:          913-643-5111
Passcode:               651125
Recurring:              Bi-weekly on Mondays, same time

Talk to all of you then!

- Ken

Ken Rubin
( Phone:+1-703-845-3299)
+ mailto:ken.rubin@med.va.gov

 <<2005-02-01 SSP WG Minutes Orlando - Final.doc>>  <<HL7 Service
Specification Longlist v0.1.doc>>  <<HL7 Services Specification Project
-- Recurring Call>>

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