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Subject: OMG HL7 Agenda for Monday Teleconference

Teleconference is Monday at 1pm PST, 4pm ET, 9PM Universal

        Dial in:                913-643-5111
       Passcode:        651125

Agenda and discussion points:


Alan Honey
Enterprise Architect.
925 979 7459  (tl 474)


Teleconference – Monday 2/7 at 4PM ET, 9PM Universal.



  1. Introductions (brief)
  2. Review of open actions from HL7 meeting
  3. Report from OMG meeting
  4. Review of criteria for selecting short list
  5. Discussion on services short list
  6. Review of OMG-HL7 paper comments received
  7. Actions/Next Steps


Discussion Points


2. HL7 Meeting actions status




Bob Greenes

To discuss and establish an initial set of criteria for service selection. (Initial informal meeting scheduled for lunchtime 1/27).  Reference the decisions made above.   Initial list is in final editing, to be distributed shortly.

Ken Rubin

Collect from the OMG criteria that may be used to augment selection criteria.   Discussed, Eclipse and ExpressScripts volunteered to provide candidate criteria.

(unassigned seeking volunteer)

Establish a position on granularity of a service.

Still need volunteer.


To review Ken’s paper on the OMG-HL7 relationship and send comments to the list server. The process for achieving closure will be discussed in the first teleconference (see below). Aim is to finalize this within 3 to 4 weeks.

OMG drafted and adopted a joint project charter, based on roles set out in the paper. This has been forwarded to HL7 Board for ratification. This was forwarded to list by Ken on Friday.

OMG Meeting Attendees

Those participants attending the OMG meeting in Burlingame on 2/4 will review the long list with meeting attendees to identify where OMG believes they can add value most. (Intent is to do an example and walk it through the whole process)

List was presented. OMG members are assessing with respect to individual company business cases.  OMG felt strongly that potential submitters need to be identified and contacted to determine which services would attract submissions.

Ken Rubin

Send out provisional “long list” of services on the list server, together with a template/example. (by close Tue 2/1)  Done



All identified parties on each proposed service to collectively produce a single paragraph definition of their item, if possible also identifying the corresponding EHR function and issue on the list server (by close Tue 2/8)  In progress. Anyone on call has any updates?


Darius Kemeklis

Identify industry references on components and services in the makings of a reading resource library.  In progress


Co-chairs will work out with HL7 available resources for communication and documentation, e.g. the existing web site.

Investigating potential for OMG to provide communications products.



3. Report from OMG Meeting (see also notes sent out on list):


·        Joint charter produced

·        Reviewed project plan and drafted overall combined plan.

·        Abdul Malik (HL7) suggested considering this a combined project (for plan and teleconferences)

·        Proposing an out of cycle meeting. HDTF supportive of a joint out of cycle meeting – recommending late March early April (before the next OMG and HL7 meetings.)

·        Other standards discussed. Interest expressed for NCPDP and X.12. Agreement was that the arrangement was non-exclusive (doesn’t preclude other groups doing technology/platform specs using HL7 output – including HL7 itself, similarly OMG are free to take other standards bodies CIMs where does not conflict with HL7)


4. Review criteria and approach for selecting short list

·        Bringing in vendors / submitters


5. OMG-HL7 Relationship

See above


6.  Next Steps / Actions








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