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Subject: New Listserv Information

From: Rubin, Ken (EDS) [SMTP:Ken.Rubin@med.va.gov]  
To: servicesBOF@lists.hl7.org; healthcare@omg.org 
Subject: New Listserv Information and Telecon Minutes 
Sent: 2/23/05 11:40 AM 
Importance: Normal 


Thanks to those who were able to join us on the telecon yesterday.  We
had a really good turnout, especially given that we met on an altered
time schedule due to the US holiday.

Attached to this message are the minutes from that call.  Thanks to Alan
for getting these together.

I had taken an action to determine and implement a strategy to integrate
the listservers between HL7 and OMG.  I'm happy to report that we have a
solution that appears to be workable.  I have created a "yahoo group"
that is subscribed to both the HL7 and OMG lists.  If you subscribe to
this list, you'll receive all of this project's mail traffic.
Conversely, you'll be able to post to the HL7, OMG, or Yahoo list.  Note
that we WILL NOT be reconciling email traffic to the HL7 and OMG lists.
Once this is fully operational--based on a public announcement to
follow--we'll ask that members no longer cross-post to both HL7 and OMG

I realize that this isn't a perfect solution, but I believe it is
workable and won't take herculean efforts to implement.

In the meantime, please subscribe to the Yahoo list.  The list will not
be moderated, but you will have to be "approved" to register.  Simply
send the moderator your name, company contact info, and standards group
affiliation(s) and you'll be added.

SPAMMERS will not be tolerated and will be banished from the list. 

Thanks as always for your ongoing interest and patience while we get
these administrivia items taken care of.

To subscribe:
Yahoo group homepage:

For those unfamiliar with Yahoo Groups, if you choose to become a yahoo
member you'll be able to browse past emails and shared items.  I believe
that you can subscribe to the list and receive and post messages without
becoming a yahoo member, but you will not have these privileges. 

- Ken

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