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Subject: "Public" Slide Deck for Healthcare Services Project HL7-OMG

From: "Rubin, Ken \(EDS\)" <Ken.Rubin@med.va.gov>
Subject: "Public" Slide Deck for Healthcare Services Project
To: <healthcare@omg.org>, <servicesBOF@lists.hl7.org>

At the Boston OMG meeting, from which many of us have just returned, we
devoted a significant amount of time sharpening our public message
regarding the purpose, business value, and importance of the work that
we have been undertaking.  This was essential, particularly since many
attendees expressed that they were directly involved in responding to
the [US] RFP issued from the Office of the National Coordinator for
Health IT.  
Also, we had several vendors attending that indicated that they had
interest in the activity but lacked the business case to make their
participation compelling.  
The document posted at the URL here is the results of the consensus
brainstorming from this week's meeting.  Several of us are working on a
more polished slide deck incorporating this content.
The impetus for distributing this in a premature state is so that
respondents to the ONCHIT RFPs can incorporate key themes about the
importance of this work on the emerging US Regional and National
Please feel free to direct comments to any co-chair or the list.  
Thanks to all who attended for your valuable contributions, and we look
forward to improving this further based upon the list comments!
- Ken

I just posted this as health/2005-06-06 at URL

The document is also available in Groove.  See the note on the homepage
for location info.

Ken Rubin
VHA Health Information Architect
5109 Leesburg Pike, Suite 414
Falls Church, VA 22041
Tel:  +1-703-845-3299
+ mailto:ken.rubin@med.va.gov

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