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Subject: OASIS Second Annual Adoption Forum in Europe: harmonising eHealth

[17 October 2005]
OASIS Second Annual Adoption Forum in Europe (London, England). Users, vendors, governments, and researchers from Europe and around the world will come together for this one-day event to examine and discuss advances in open standards. Hosted by OASIS, the event will feature presentations that profoundly affect government, healthcare, and commerce, delivering insight and updates on work in Web services, tax, business process, and localisation. The OASIS Adoption Forum will open with a keynote address from Ovum, the global analyst and consulting company. This keynote will offer unique insights into the often-but-not always complimentary roles played by open standards and open source efforts in today's marketplace. The event will close with a panel of representatives from Europe's most influential standards bodies. Leaders from BT, CEN/ISSS, and ITU will join OASIS CEO, Patrick Gannon, to discuss how their organizations are responding to user outcry for more cooperation in the standards development arena.

The harmonising eHealth presentation (Presenter: Melvin Reynolds, Senior Partner, AMS Consulting, United Kingdom) will discuss how standards organizations are working to harmonize and understand the key differentiators when addressing healthcare issues. Much effort is being put into the use of information technologies to reshape healthcare sector: harmonising medical records across the EU; working on plans to determine and combat the threat of global epidemics; providing better value for money healthcare globally; and integrating processes in the push to reduce medical errors. It is now recognised that no one expert constituency has the monopoly of solutions so major standards organizations are making a significant effort to harmonize and co-ordinate to enable better informed choices by specifiers and implementers.

Additional Presentations Include:

Standards and Taxation by Terry Hawes, Head of Channels Architecture, HM Revenue and Customs

The Adoption and Evolution of the OASIS DITA Standard by Ian Larner, Information Architect and Software Engineer User Technologies, IBM Hursley Lab and Indi Liepa, OASIS DITA Technical Committee Representative/Senior Information Architect, Technology Platforms, Nokia

UK Leads the Adoption of e-Voting Standards by John Borras, CEO, UK Local e-Government Standards Body, OASIS Election and Voter Services Technical Committee Chair

eGovernment and Standards by Harm Jan van Burg of Netherlands Ministry of Finance, OASIS eGovernment Technical Committee Chair

Harmonising eHealth by Melvin Reynolds, Senior Partner, AMS Consulting

Web Services Business Process Execution Language (WSBPEL) by Dieter Koenig of IBM, OASIS WSBPEL Technical Committee Representative

Additional speaker and presentation details may be found at: http://www.oasis-open.org/events/adoption_forum_2005/17.10.05.php

50 USD EARLY-BIRD REGISTRATION DISCOUNT is available until 5 September.


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