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Subject: MBProject Issues Call for Speakers

Contact: Evelyn Marquez Sanchez

Franklin, TN (Sept. 1, 2005) The Medical Banking Project has formally announced the 4th National Medical Banking Institute to be held in Nashville, Tennessee on Wednesday and Thursday, February 22-23, 2006. The Institute Committee is seeking speakers who are actively engaged in the convergence of banking and healthcare technologies, or have a related area of expertise (i.e., marketing of new medical banking programs, organizational design, compliance/risk assessment).

The 4th National Medical Banking Institute will focus on real time administrative and clinical messaging in healthcare using bank-driven models. "The convergence of banking and healthcare IT has the potential to revolutionize healthcare via highly disbursed, real time technologies," observes John Casillas, Founder of MBProject and Chair of the Medical Banking Institute. "This is starting to occur in HSA management, lockbox specialization, new consumer services offered via card and online banking conveniences and receivable financing."

New service types range from more efficient and expedited payments between health plans and healthcare providers to efficient distribution of medical records. This key infrastructure shift has attracted a diverse array of constituents to MBProject, from large employers, banks, healthcare providers, vendors, insurance companies, associations and others. A group of the largest corporations in America believe the approach can support rapid and economic deployment of a "medical internet" for consumer and business healthcare interactions.

Description & Highlights:
The Institute - a 2 day working conference - will offer a cross-industry showcase of pilot programs. New medical banking models will be announced. Registrants will hear about lessons learned, participate in workgroups and enjoy new networking opportunities.

Prospective educational tracts include standards and open source work by other groups (and the importance of linking with these efforts), card-based processes, liquidity innovations, medical consumerism and HSAs, cross-industry linkage of established technologies and new innovations. Panels will isolate emerging best practices in areas of technology, marketing and compliance. Updates will also be provided related to the following MBProject Initiatives:

-- "HSAs@Work": A National Panel Series that offers expert dialogue on industry progress related to back-end infrastructure, pricing transparency and policy; moderated by "Dr. HSA" - David Harris, National Healthcare Revenue Cycle Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers.

-- C.O.M.B.A.T. (Cooperative Open-source Medical Banking Architecture & Technology: Combatting rising healthcare costs using medical banking principles and technology): A status report will be given and workgroups will meet to continue development of this innovative, royalty-free reference architecture.

-- Charitable Communities Network™: We will provide a status report of MBProject's drive to ramp community safety net providers onto a 21st century digital platform.

-- A new "Pharma Workgroup": The workgroup will help financial services firms to navigate through, and participate in, the federal government's new Part D program as well as define/propose new real time features for seamless financial transactions to the appropriate standards bodies.

Speaker Proposals:
If you have expertise, research or a model program related to medical banking, please consider speaking at the Institute.  Speaker proposals will be accepted until October 28, 2005.

Learn more by visiting:
http://www.mbproject.org/4MBI_speakers.php  or call 615.794.2009 today!

Educational Grantor & Sponsorships:
Educational Grantor, Corporate, Workgroup and Meal Sponsorships are available. For details, see:
http://www.mbproject.org/4MBI_sponsorship.php .

About the Medical Banking Project...
The Medical Banking Project (a.k.a. “MBProject”) is an independent policy research and strategic advisory firm that facilitates the latent integration of banking technology, infrastructure and credit resources with healthcare administrative operations. The firm coined the term “medical banking™” in 1995 to denote this emerging niche’ industry. It provides educational and workgroup forums and is spearheading two related initiatives: a global, open source software platform (“C.O.M.B.A.T. – Cooperative Open-source Medical Banking Architecture & Technology™”) to combat rising healthcare costs using medical banking principles and technology and a fee-based, bank-driven community system ("Charitable Communities Network™") that coordinates safety net healthcare access for uninsurable, uninsured and under-insured individuals. The initiatives demonstrate how banks can leverage HIPAA's privacy, security and electronic mandates to deliver substantive cost benefits to care givers, employ
ers and consumers. For more information, please go to
http://www.mbproject.org .


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