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Subject: RE: [health-ont] a follow-up panel


There is a group of folks around the global university project, heavy
emphasis on tel ed and tel med and connecting existing university programs
for collaboration, who may be interested in the follow up as well.


From: gu-new-bounces@friends-partners.org
[mailto:gu-new-bounces@friends-partners.org] On Behalf Of Takeshi Utsumi,
Sent: Saturday, September 24, 2005 9:43 PM
To: gu-new
Cc: Hasan Sapci
Subject: [gu-new] (09/25/05) Paper on "International Centres of Excellence
for e-Health in Africa with GUS/Ngeria"

<<September 25, 2005>>
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Professor Rashid Bashshur, Ph.D. <bashshur@umich.edu>

A. Hasan Sapci, M.D. <mdsapci@umich.edu>

Dr. (Sir) Dennis E. Oji MD: FAChir., FWACS: FICS <denniseoji@yahoo.com>

Chris Uwaje <uwajenet@yahoo.de>

Dear Dennis and Chris:

(1) Our final paper for eHealth International Journal is now at the
following web site;
> Oji, D. E., T. Utsumi and C. Uwaje, "International Centers of 
> Excellence for e-Health in Africa with Global University System in 
> Nigeria," Paper submitted to eHealth International Journal, 
> International eHealth Association (IeHA), Vol. 2, No. 1, September 
> 2005 (MS/WORD file, 748 KB) 
> RR092405%20copy.htm
> or
> http://makeashorterlink.com/?O5AD15BDB

(2) Thank you very much for your excellent contribution to this paper.

Dear Rashid and Hasan:

(3) Many thanks for your msg (ATTACHMENT I).

We sincerely thank you for your extraordinary help of editing our paper.

(4) Pls inform me when you fixed the trouble of our paper at your web site,
which I reported to you in my separate mail previously.

Best, Tak


> From: Hasan Sapci <mdsapci@med.umich.edu>
> Date: Thu, 22 Sep 2005 13:56:19 -0400
> To: <utsumi@columbia.edu>
> Subject: eHealth International Journal - September 2005 Issue
> September 22, 2005
> Dear Mr. Utsumi,
> We have published your manuscript and wanted to let
> you know.  You can read our current issue at: 
> http://www.ehealthinternational.net/current.htm
> Thank you for your interest in the eHealth
> International Journal.
> Yours sincerely,
> A. Hasan Sapci, M.D.
> Managing Editor, eHealth International Journal
> Telemedicine Resource Center
> North Ingalls Building 8B01
> 300 North Ingalls
> Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-0402
> FAX: (734) 647-3329
> E-Mail: mdsapci@umich.edu

List of Distribution

Professor Rashid Bashshur, Ph.D.
eHealth International Journal
International eHealth Association (IeHA)
President of the American Telemedicine Association Editor-in-Chief of the
Telemedicine Journal Director of Telemedicine Professor Emeritus of Health
management & Policy The University of Michigan Health System Am Arbor
Michigan 48109-2029 USA 734-763-0555
Tel: +1 734 647 3089
Fax: +1 734 647 3329

A. Hasan Sapci, M.D.
Telemedicine Manager, UMHS
Managing Editor, eHealth International Journal
Telemedicine Resource Center
North Ingalls Building 8B01
300 North Ingalls
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-0402
FAX: (734) 647-3329

Dr. (Sir) Dennis E. Oji MD: FAChir., FWACS: FICS
Chief Medical Director
Senior Lecturer/Consultant
Trauma & Orthopaedic Surgeon
College of Medicine & Health Sciences
Abia State University Teaching Hospital
PMB 7004
Aba, Nigeria
Tel: +234-82-233-714
Cel: +234-803-316-7868
Fax: +234-82-233714

Chris Uwaje
Member of the National Inter-Ministerial Committee on Software Development
Chief Executive Officer Connect Technologies Ltd. 182 Broad Str., Lagos,
Tel: +234-1-264-2825
Cel: +234-803-312-3922
Home: +234-1-793-6292

* Takeshi Utsumi, Ph.D., P.E., Chairman, GLOSAS/USA                  *
* (GLObal Systems Analysis and Simulation Association in the U.S.A.) *
* Laureate of Lord Perry Award for Excellence in Distance Education  *
* Founder and V.P. for Technology and Coordination of                *
*   Global University System (GUS)                                   *
* 43-23 Colden Street, Flushing, NY 11355-5913, U.S.A.               *
* Tel: 718-939-0928; Email: utsumi@columbia.edu                      *
* http://www.friends-partners.org/GLOSAS/                            *
* Tax Exempt ID: 11-2999676                                          *

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[mailto:health-ont-bounces@ontolog.cim3.net] On Behalf Of Rex Brooks
Sent: Sunday, September 25, 2005 2:28 AM
To: James Bryce Clark; ihc@lists.oasis-open.org; health-ont@ontolog.cim3.net
Cc: elkin.peter@mayo.edu; brett.trusko@oasis-open.org
Subject: [health-ont] Re: [ihc] Call for co-chair election, and

Excellent, Jamie, Brett, Everyone,

I am sharing this with the Ontolog Forum's health-ont list, and I 
look forward to sharing our recent panel-discussion on healthcare 
informatics landscape with our TC. Since we have a follow-up panel 
discussion to carry the topics forward in more depth, perhaps we can 
look into inviting a broader audience, and perhaps including a longer 
session for audience participation.

For those who are interested, the panel discussion description page 
includes a link for the recorded session at the bottom of the page: 

Rex Brooks

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